Hamid Hamid, Converts, #(2051)

Sep 30, 2014

I was born in Iran in 1981 after Islamic revolution, raised up in a Muslim family, my father and mother both are Muslims,I went to convent school like other children so that makes me Muslim automatically 😀 i suppose. I was a believer until age 16 then suddenly something happened in my biology class, they taught us the theory of evolution. I remember my teacher told us that this is a fact but you may accept or refuse it, and told us that this is your personal choice. then i fell in love with biology but it took sometimes for me to really make up my mind and escape the emotional part of religion, converted 2 times back and forth then I decided to stay with science.and evidence. I left my country and studding Biology. I wish I could find my teacher to see him again and tell him how grateful I am

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