Jason Hall, Converts, #(2063)

Sep 15, 2014

When you are brainwashed from 4yrs old by the two people you depend on and look up to-your parents-it is very hard to escape the mind trap of religious belief but that journey began for me when my father decided he wouldn’t attend church 4 times a week as decreed by ‘the elders’. We were previously forbidden to associate with anyone not from the church but now my brother and I began to make friends and live a normal life of bike riding and fishing and fun which was a whole lot better than sitting in a sweltering hot church listening to some old guy raving on about middle eastern superstition from 2000 years ago!.
As a teenager with a scientific curiosity I began an interest in astronomy, spending many late nights stargazing through my small telescope and reading up on the subject, then Cosmos by Dr Carl Sagan hit the screen and there was no going back-religion presented far more questions than it answered anyway. Why did an all powerful entity need a rest day after making the universe? Why did this entity have very much Human emotions like anger & jealousy? How did Noah discover all the world’s continents and rescue all the animals & insects by himself in such a short time and why did God not just place a magical shield around him and his family instead? Why did an all knowing God create the devil in the first place knowing full well what calamity this would lead to? Why does religion use the threat of hellfire and damnation to blackmail it’s followers? Why does the church covet money and wealth so much when their icon Jesus apparently preached against such a thing? on and on the questions came and the answers from my very religious mother were just ridiculous and illogical. I realised that none of the religious people I asked these questions to had spent any time at all looking at anything other than their own particular brand of religion-why would they when it apparently gave them all the answers-scientific literature was particularly taboo and any mention of relativity or quantum physics was always met with ridicule and laughter.I was baffled how seemingly logical intelligent people could be so closed minded.
Watching religious beliefs of all kinds destroy lives and split families and even whole nations apart has been difficult to accept for me but watching people inflict the most heinous evils upon their fellow human beings simply because they have a different belief system has left me shocked and scared to death that the future of the human race is in great peril if the majority do not wake up and realise that religion is the greatest fraud ever perpetuated on mankind.

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