Life on Earth still favours evolution over creationism

Sep 23, 2014

By John Long

Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, first published in 1859, offered a bold new explanation for how animals and plants diversified and still serves as the foundation underpinning all medical and biological research today. But the theory remains under attack by creationists in various parts of the world, particularly the US, Turkey, Indonesia and the Middle East.

Perhaps three of the most powerful ways to test evolution are through comparative genomicshomeobox genes and transitional fossils.

Collectively these provide solid evidence for evolution as a robust theory to account for the diversification of all life. So allow me to explore some recent discoveries in these fields.

Genomes and evolution

The genome is the genetic material of an organism, comprising genes and non-coding sequences of DNA and RNA. The first organism sequenced for its entire genome – a bacteriophage (a bacterial virus) – was done in 1976 and it wasn’t until 1995 the first genome of a bacteria was completed.

By 2003 the human genome was sequenced in the world’s largest collaborative scientific project. It was found to be made up of 3 billion pairs of DNA bases that code 20,500 genes, the same number as in mice.

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12 comments on “Life on Earth still favours evolution over creationism

  • Life on Earth still favours evolution over creationism

    I balked at this headline when I read it. The expression “still Favours” is clearly way too weak in the context of this story. It reads to me that there is “Still” some argument available to creation and that it is a close thing. Might I suggest something along the lines;

    “Evidence for Life on Earth is Overwhelming for Evolution over Creationism.”


    Evidence for Evolution is now way beyond any reasonable doubt”

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  • 5
    NearlyNakedApe says:


    Breaking News!!

    Science still provides a far better explanation of the natural world than bronze-age creation myth.

    Who would have thought…

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  • Of course it does, one is scientific fact, the other is from a book of fairy tales.

    Maybe they are expected it to change.

    the theory remains under attack by creationists

    Who the F*** cares what these bozos believe. Oh, they do?

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  • You don’t know how it feel to live here in Indonesia being atheist..psychologically make me stress, my GF broke up with me since she know im an atheist, No woman here want to have an atheist husband. They will ask what your religion first on the first date, once they know u are an atheist they will not continue the relationship mostlikely. There are propaganda here in Indonesia people that an atheist will be called a communist, and you could be jailed if they know,you dont have a religion. But once again money talks here in this country so as long as you have money everything should be fine.
    the way women thinking here is like this, no religion mean you will not be affraid of doing sins, so they affraid atheist people will be easily cheat on them once they get married. In a way, I need to pretend that im a budhist or trying to be fake christian in order to get women here, which is frustrating. Sorry bout my english.

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  • Ary, first, there’s nothing wrong in being a communist. It’s actually a teory of how the social systems evolve over the time and to where they would go. I know that the word is used as a label for an enemy, but it’s just wrong. Ignorance is strength, you know 😉

    Second, ask yourself, do you really need these women? If they are stupid, then let them be. Will you be happy to live in a lie?

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  • Keep looking for that ‘atheist’ woman. There must be at least one out there, and she’ll be worth having! 😉
    I’ve been looking at a set of statistics recently that state that there are as many female atheists as male, across the whole spectrum. This surprised me greatly! Perhaps they’re more nervous about ‘coming out’.
    What are their thoughts about evolution? Is that a contentious issue in Indonesia?

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  • Ary. I need to add that there are many happy marriages between atheists and the faithful. It will just require a little dishonesty on your part in order to get to that stage.

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  • oh really thats a good sign for the statistics =), ya gonna try that hahaha. I believe they teach evolution here(but more like introduction to evolution not in a explicit way), but no one believe it as a facts. They will just say like,” oh that’s unproven, there are missing link, Even scientist cant prove theory of evolution,etc” . Even the teacher will say that too. Here in Indonesia we have a religion class, they will teach you society rules, morals, how to pray, etc, and there’s a test and they will be grading you by ur behaviour and your test result scale from 1-10. you have to get 6 or above on religion class otherwise you will fail all class ( even on other class like accounting, economy, or history class,even if u dont get 6 below on those classes you will still have to repeat everything) .For the contentious issue about evolution, We are still a growing country, a lot of us still poor or in middle class of economy, so they are more concern about economy than this kind of stuff to begin with.

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  • ya But since i was born and live on our 2nd president (Soeharto) Era of generation . there’s a propaganda saying that communist is bad (Its even in our History class) . So I really dont know bout communist stuff, need to read more on that, thanks for the info. all I know for now that, its a bad thing ;p.

    Thats what my atheist friends been saying man, so are u suggesting I should rather live alone than living in a lie?
    I’d prefer what nitya suggest on me, just tell them lies at the begining.

    another solution i just found a facebook page for indonesian atheist, going to search through that, hope they don’t think me as a weirdo or psycopath. hahahaha.

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