Richard Dawkins Changed My Life (#8331)

Sep 2, 2014

Dear Richard

I know you will probably never read this but thought I would send it anyway.

I cannot describe how much the words in your books and videos have inspired and changed me. My parents brought me up as a Catholic and I completely believed it throughout my childhood until I was was about fourteen. The first time I heard of you was when my priest started berating against you in a sermon to warn against the ‘dangers’ of atheism. I am sure there is not a better example of irony than the fact that that very sermon made me interested in hearing what you had to say.

So, I bought your books from a charity shop. I had to hide them under my bed like porn magazines because I was scared about my parents’ reaction. At first I hated what you said out of pure disagreement. Then, I hated what you said out of pure cognitive dissonance. Then, there was not one single thing I could disagree with.

It always amuses me how religious people says things such as, ‘I believe in God because I like the idea of heaven’, or ‘I believe in God because I think it makes you moral.’ When I started reading your books, I did not want to believe what you wrote. But on reflection, there was nothing else I could do. Sometimes I think atheists are closer to Martin Luther’s declaration: ‘Here I stand, I can do no other.’

I do hope this reaches you to show my gratification, but I understand if it does not. You have changed my life for the better nearly than anyone.


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