S Sanker, Converts, #(2058)

Sep 25, 2014

I am from a Hindu family in Kerala India, I pried myself form the clutches of religion when a new curriculum in 9th-10th grade introduced me to Genetics, evolutionary biology, origin of species, subatomic physics and chemistry. In 11th grade the transition got completed when I attended a talk by late Dr. Abraham Thomas Kovoor, Professor of Botany and the president of Rationalist Association of India, Inaugurating the Philosophy association at Maharaja’s College at Cochin, India. I have been an open nonbeliever since, entering in to arguments with all and sundry. I love work by Dr. Dawkins, being a zoology major Ancestor’s Tale being my Favorite. Now I am a drug discovery researcher at the University of Pittsburgh using Zebrafish embryos as a model system.

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