The Ebola Outbreak Started Way Earlier Than You Thought

Sep 2, 2014

By The Huffington Post


The deadliest Ebola outbreak in history is currently decimating West African nations’health care systems and sparking concern across the globe that the virus will continue to spread. But what has been seemingly overlooked in the past month’s torrent of news coverage is that the current incarnation of the virus actually started in early December 2013.

The first patient in the Ebola outbreak is believed to be a 2-year-old boy from southeastern Guinea who died on Dec. 6. By late March, the virus had killed 66 people, and by April, it had crossed the border into Liberia.

In early July, when online searches for the virus were just starting to pick up, the outbreak had killed more than 600 people and spread into three countries. As Google Analytics shows, despite the rapid spread of the virus, Western attention to the outbreak has largely come only in the past couple of months.

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