The God Delusion Should Have a Place in Every School Library (#8346)

Sep 12, 2014

Dear Richard Dawkins

I hope you find time to read this since I was 11 I considered myself not believing in god but didn’t think much about it, as I got older ( I’m 38) I have of course realised I’m an atheist, reading news articles and TV documentaries.

I recently purchased The god delusion I wish I bought it when it first came out not 8 year later,

I found that half of the book was saying what I already thought which is a very good thing as it was so refreshing to someone’s views similar to mine and the other half was quite thought provoking and had covered subjects I hadn’t considered e.g. people wanting to leave religion and telling their families.

It is a terrific book as Phillip Pullman review puts it “It should have a place in every school library.


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