Troublemaker of the Year (#8344)

Sep 2, 2014

For centuries we felt the urge to tell a fantastic story to explain how we got here. And we did. The story of a powerful god who created everything from scratch. What an amazing and fascinating story. Well, kind of. Someone might beg for differ here and there but on the whole it is a mind-blowing story no matter whether it’s a christian or muslim story or whatsoever, I think no one can deny that. Then we learned and discovered a lot. Science started to provide answers, and guess what, the old made up story is not even remotely as mind-blowing as the real one. What I think is that scientists have the honour to open up minds and show a story which is far more fascinating and most of all true because based on evidence rather than wishful thinking. So, this is my simple way to thank Richard Dawkins and all the wonderful people working on this site. I didn’t write ‘god’ in capital letters above but of course I did it with RD. Don’t panic, it doesn’t mean I think he’s some sort of god (oops I did it again) 🙂

Thanks again folks.


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