Brenda Stephens, Converts, #(2039)

Oct 8, 2014

12 years of catholic school in Scotland. That’s enough to make you an atheist or a nun. My only regret is, when I was 16 my mum woke me up for Sunday mass, I told her I wasn’t going, she asked me if I was going to 11 or 12 o’clock mass. I told her I was never going to mass again. She cried, a year later she died, to this day I still feel guilt making my mum cry. The one thing I don’t regret is walking away from religion. I moved to the US in 1986 met and married a wonderful man. He went to catholic elementary school, he spent 30 years in the US military, he is a nascar fan, a redskins fan and a humanist. 24 years happily married. We both think atheism is the way to go.

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  • I understand you feel guilty as you and your mother never got the chance to deal with this properly, because she died when you were so young. But you have nothing to be guilty about – you made your choice and you stuck by it, if she was very religious and had lived longer the choice would be just as hard for her to accept if you were 20 or 35 for that matter. The fact that she died before she had a chance to deal with it properly does not mean you should feel guilty about it.

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