DaveOfThisWorld, Converts, #(1996)

Oct 17, 2014

Some say that we are all born atheist. I have a slightly different take on that. We are born empty vessels, into which is all to often poured indoctrination into the collective cultural nonsense.

I was declared to be Catholic by virtue of receiving the water sprinkle ceremony as a non-consenting infant. I went through the motions of parochial education through the third grade .After that we were placed in public school over something having to do with one of the priests in the parish. I never learned the details, but my imagination runs wild.

I participated in First Communion, but was starting to get uncomfortable with it even then. By the time confirmation rolled around, I was pretty lukewarm to the whole idea.

In high school I had discovered Mark Twain, AC Clarke, Kurt Vonnegut, and RA Heinlein. It was reading Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land st the age of that I mark as my transition to full blown non-believer. No. that book did not answer any of my questions about the meaning of life. It was not the authors intention to do so in any event. There was one scene where the protagonist has a poolside conversation with his mentor over the meaning of god. What I got from it, and what I suspect was the authors real intention, was a better idea of what the questions are.

I still do not know the ultimate answers to the meaning of life. I understand that the question may not even have an answer. I am fine with that.

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