David Fryc, Converts, #(2037)

Oct 8, 2014

Hello! I’m part of the really young generation of atheists, since I’m still in High school. I’m a Sophomore, and I truly became an atheist when I was in 7th or 8th grade. I was raised by Catholic parents, and like many children these days, I was raised to mindlessly follow the “Word of God”. However, due to my ever-present interest in science, I became more and more skeptical of the existence of God, and constantly debated it in my head. I realized that there were so many contradictions in the idea of omnipotence in a God, and also the fact that there were so many religions out there, with worshipers that so reverently followed their religions, and it wouldn’t make sense that any of them would be real if all of them contradicted each other. Ever since I had come to my senses and became an atheist, I have been preaching atheism to many other children, and I’ve made many of the religious very skeptical of their religions, with many who have become agnostics (With the help of a friend of mine who’s agnostic and rather popular). I haven’t really turned anyone into atheist, but it’s enough for me that some of them have stopped mindlessly following their religions. I will continue influencing those around me to be skeptical, so that the next generation, or rather, my generation, can have a more logical, wiser, and kinder future.

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