Donatien Cicura, Converts, #(2040)

Oct 8, 2014

My story would be very long. Just a few points. I grew up in a very Roman Catholic family in the DR Congo, and the ideal man there was the priest. So, after graduating from High School, I joined the Jesuits. I stayed for 17 years, and served as a priest for 5 years. I was already struggling with the incoherence of faith. I freed myself from religious faith when I was studying “fundamental theology” and “dogmatic”. The best thing to ever happen to me.
Richard, I missed you last year when you passed at GGC. Now, I teach philosophy (not the one featured in your book, the God delusion), but philosophy as it was meant to be by the Greeks: using one’s reason to question literally everything which is the real meaning of being “intellectual”, and which is, by the way, the way science operates. Asking questions until one gets to the truth of facts, if possible.

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