Football and religion in the South: Still entwined and still embattled

Oct 7, 2014

Image credit: WSB-TV

By Maureen Downey

The debate continues over the Christian-themed monument at the Madison County High School field house. At last week’s home game, football players continued their new and controversial tradition of touching the rock-like monument before the game.

Inscribed on the donated monument are Bible verses: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” and Romans 8:31 “If God be for us who can be against us?”

The overt Christian references sparked legal warning letters from two watchdog organizations.

The community appears to want the school systems to defend the monument, although it’s a court case Madison County Schools would likely lose based on the clear and multiple rulings on this issue.


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6 comments on “Football and religion in the South: Still entwined and still embattled

  • Even atheists here believe in the religion of football

    Hmm, we can be fanatical about pig skins and gridirons, for sure.

    Religion (Christianity), re American football, should be benched, as with city council meetings etc.

    E.g. – a flag thrown for ‘un-sportsman like conduct’ on a Chief’s player raised eyebrows, and purportedly ire in some. No gods > no accommodations needed.

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  • Because the God who created the entire universe with its billions of galaxies and googolplex of stars, loves nothing more than a podunk high-school football game in Backassward, USA. Problem is, he’s so fickle. You never know what might influence the Almighty to help your team win, so the bigger and more expensive the monument to His Word on the field, the showier the public prayers, and the more Godly symbols on the uniforms, the better!

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  • 3
    alaskansee says:

    I am of course against religious symbols in the wrong place but what’s with Excalibur? Is there some Narnia like hidden christianity in the King Arthur mythology, isn’t this worshipping a false idol?

    I think in this case we don’t need to ask for the removal of the object just additional credits on the stone, all the various religions and some none’s too.

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  • football and religion? but football is a religion. you know, silly beliefs, silly practices, male-dominated, tribalism, needs props to make it more interesting than it is, maintained at great soical and financial cost, homophobic, followers memorise chapter and verse – codes and score, dead saints, etc, etc, etc

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  • Maybe the “Sword in the Stone” was a cutesy way of displaying a cross?

    I’m with you–keep raising the stone, adding layers of rock to add quotes from the Koran, etc etc–like adding bands to the Stanley Cup! That way, the layers of rock can subtley represent the true age of earth, not some ridiculous 6,000 year number documented by levels of “begats.”

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