Freedom to Ahmed Harqan, Saly Harqan, and Karim Jimy

Oct 27, 2014

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Please note that this story is coming from a citizen journalist and has not been independently confirmed.

On the 25th of October 2014, in a nice street in Alexandria Egypt, a young man and his pregnant wife “Ahmad Husain Al-Harkan & sally” encountered a grim attempt of assassination.

Al-Harkan is an Egyptian activist and atheist, who has spent a generous portion of his life as a Salafi “Muslim fundamentalist”, but his journey through Islam led him to renounce his religion. Mr. Al-Harkan was a devout Muslim and well versed in Islam. He was educated by Ahmed Al-Burhami a very celebrated Islamic scholar in Egypt.

The transformation took its toll on Ahmad Al-Harkan and led him to burn all of his religious certificates and start his education from scratch.

Since then Al-Harkan made several guest appearances in various talk shows aimed at the uprising of atheists in the Arab world and Egypt, it’s fair to say that his background in Islamic studies made him a serious adversary in debates.

In evening of the 25th of October he was attacked by a group of people trying to kill him and his wife. He managed to flee the scene with his wife after having some injuries and went to the “Alhanafie–Alajlany” police station to report the incident.

Much to his and our surprise, he and his wife were fruther assaulted by police “officers” at the station his friend Kareem who escorted them suffered the same abuse. They are now all in jail charged with heresy “Insulting religion” even the lawyer was humiliated and kicked out if the police station.

Al-Harkan, his Pregnant wife Sally and their friend Kareem are still in the “Al_Dakhela” police station waiting to be transferred to public Prosecutor’s office to be charged with the crime of free thought and expression under the pretension of “disrespecting religion”.

Let the world know about Ahmad Husain Al-Harkan, his pregnant wife and his friend Kareem.

Update: Ahmad and Sally Harqan, and their friend Karim Jimy have been released few hours ago, all charges were dropped, they still have to file a complaint of an assassination attempt.

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