Iranian atheist begs: ‘Don’t send me back home … I’ll be killed’

Oct 14, 2014

By The Herald Scotland

The nephew of a former Iranian deputy defence minister who has become a prominent and outspoken atheist in Scotland has made a desperate appeal not to be returned to his homeland, claiming his life is now at risk as he will be seen as a “traitor of Islam”.

Ramin Forghani, the vice-chairman of the Scottish Secular Society which campaigns for the separation of church and state, and promotes atheism, has appealed to the Home Office to prevent his forced return to Iran after the Court of Session rejected his asylum case.

Forghani, 25, has been in Glasgow for two years working on a masters degree in environmental engineering at the University of Strathclyde. He applied for asylum while staying on a student visa, saying he has turned his back on Islam, founded the Iranian Atheists Association and is chairman of Ex-Muslims Scotland.

He has told the Home Office his uncle was Alireza Akbari, once an adviser to Iran’s National Security Council, former general with the Revolutionary Guard and a former deputy defence minister.

Forghani said he had been involved in the 2009 Iranian presidential election protests against the disputed victory of the president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and in support of opposition candidates Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi.


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8 comments on “Iranian atheist begs: ‘Don’t send me back home … I’ll be killed’

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    NearlyNakedApe says:

    This is really sad. The world needs more outspoken moderate muslims and ex-muslims to speak out against the threat of Islamism. But instead, the British government is choosing to send this man back to the meat grinder of the Islamic Republic of Iran where he will undoubtedly be tortured and executed.

    It is high time that mainstream society, especially the media, grows some balls and begins to call out religion for what it really is: multi-faceted persecution of the human species inspired by bronze-age fiction jam-packed with dangerous ideas. Inexplicably, despite everything we have seen and learned about it, we persist in granting religion a free pass. This is a huge mistake that threatens to cost us dearly as a species.

    By not granting Mr. Forghani asylum on legitimate grounds of religious persecution, the British Home Office is violating this man’s basic human rights. The world needs people like Ramin Forghani and he must be protected. This is shameful. Plain and simple. Yet more proof that secularism is not a luxury in this world, it is a dire necessity.

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  • Another, more notorious case is that of IMRAN FIRASAT, being deported by Spain after making videos critical of Islam. The Spanish Government has reneged on his status as an approved asylum seeker and Norway refused his request and sent him back to Spain without appeal.
    The west is in abject apology mode to the repulsive ‘religion of peace’, trampling on human rights in its cowardly pandering to the evil cult of death.

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  • Considering some of the other decisions they make, like the rapist and armed robber, both commited in the UK whilst seeking asylum, who couldn’t be sent back to the Sudan because the nasty Sudanese might give him a hard time.
    Then they want to deport this guy to what is almost certainely going to be a painful death. despite the fact that he would most likely end up being nothing but an asset to this country, words fail me!

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  • Let’s summarize what happened chronogically

    Iranian guy applies for a Master’s Program (taught) in the UK in 2011. It has a tuition fee so he must have found that somewhere. We don’t know what his BsC might be.
    Iranian guy studies for two years, parties, enjoys that kind of life and compares it back home where.. it’s not the same. He graduates in 2013. Starts applying for jobs (if he is honest) and applies for Asylum because “I’m from Iran and its not cool, it’s cool in the UK, I want to stay here although I don’t want the right)
    Iranian guy can now look for a job with his Master’s Degree in the UK and if he is a qualified, hardworking person with fluent English skills and technical skills, he can find a job, get a working permit and work on his citizenship later. Here is the problem; our Iranian guy is just there to get a hook and stay in the UK, not to find a job, he doesn’t want to return to Iran. He would do anything to avoid returning there.
    In April 2014, he starts “working” at some Scottish Secular Society as vice chairman. The problem with us Atheists, or many Anti-Foreigner political parties is that; we need an Ex-Muslim to tell muslims how wrong they are, A black-middle easterner guy to tell the public that immigration is wrong. But it doesnt sound racist when the spokesperson is … not white. Can he get a work permit for working at “Scottich Secular Society”? It’s not in his area, so he probably can’t.

    Now this Iranian guy, who enjoys the UK, but could not complete the requirements to stay there after his graduate studies (Finding work in the private/government sector, or research in PHD) tries to cheat his way into UK citizenship with an “I’m an Atheist, Iran would kill me!!” excuse. What requirements do you have for this excuse? None. Null. You just have to say “I’m an Atheist!” So what? So am I. But am I stupid? No. Do I walk into churches and yell “Fuck god! Hail Satan!”? No. It’s my way of thinking and nobody else has to know about it, it doesnt become my identity, or reason to stay in a country where I have not deserved to stay.

    Giving ideas to Asylum seekers.. Now we will have thousands of Syrian atheist refugees.

    To further prove my “fake atheism to deserve asylum in a western country where you couldn’t find a real job” theory; subject’s twitter account full of “Atheist news” is newly created. Created and started following some 200 people, and posting things and news about Atheist and Secular meetings.

    Immigration officials probably ran into this a few thousand times before and will just say “Too bad, I hate tea, I have to live in the bloody UK, I applied for USA citizenship but they said No”

    Nothing would happen to him if he is deported to his home country. Well.. No more pretty white girls, no more pork pies and booze and parties.. But life sucks, sorry. You should have studied harder.

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  • What a twit hey! He could have just become an illegal immigrant and kept his head down working in some sweat shop and no one would have been the wiser. Still, some conspiracies need a lot of thinking about. How was he to know that Cameron would need Iran in the future?

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  • I wonder how many Afghan students and immigrants will want to stay now?

    The last UK base in Afghanistan has been handed over to the control of Afghan security forces, ending British combat operations in the country.

    The union flag was lowered at Camp Bastion, while Camp Leatherneck – the adjoining US base – was also handed over to Afghan control.

    Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said “mistakes were made” but much had been achieved since troops arrived in 2001.

    The number of deaths of British troops throughout the conflict stands at 453.

    Camp Bastion, in Helmand Province, has been UK troops’ main Afghan base since 2006.

    The last US Marines unit in Afghanistan ended its combat operations with the handover of Camp Leatherneck. So far, 2,349 US military personnel have died in Afghanistan.

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  • Another ill-thought out very expensive military adventure, which could well produce lots of asylum seekers.

    What have British troops achieved in Afghanistan?

    Four hundred and fifty-three British troops died in the war, and thousands were injured, almost all since the decision was made to go into southern Helmand province in 2006, five years after the war began.

    There is no doubt that Helmand has been improved. Roads are far better, schools have opened and security has improved, at least in the most densely populated areas – the “green zone” – either side of the Helmand river.

    But two key aims of the operation – to defeat the Taliban and cut poppy growing have been a failure. As British troops leave, the Taliban are stronger than ever and mounting their most determined attempt to retake the province, and poppy growing is at record levels.

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  • Don’t worry Alan. We’ve got it covered (laughs nervously)

    Sir William Patey, former UK ambassador to Afghanistan, said the UK
    must keep its promise to financially support the Afghan government.

    “If we renege on that commitment and lose interest because the troops
    have gone, that will be a betrayal of what we’ve said we will do for
    the Afghan state and the Afghan people,” he said.

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