Last German state abolishes university fees

Oct 6, 2014

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By Rose Troup Buchanan

Lower Saxony has become the last German state to abolish tuition fees for university students – even for international students.

Gabrielle Heinen-Kjajic, Lower Saxony’s minister for science and culture, said to German Pulse the decision was taken “because we do not want higher education which depends on the wealth of the parents.”

The decision means the entire country is non-fee paying.

Germany’s higher education institutions have traditional been free but in 2006 a ruling by the country’s Constitutional Court ruled that fees did not conflict with Germany’s commitment to universal education.


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15 comments on “Last German state abolishes university fees

  • . Saxony has become the last German state to abolish tuition fees for university students – even for international students

    Wow! These universities must have stringent cut-offs! It’s unbelievable. I would love to see this work really well and be an incentive to universities across the globe.

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  • This debate is currently going on here in Australia, we are currently going in the exact opposite direction. So the obvious question is how are the Germans going with their education system better or worse than ours, better or worse than the US model we are following?

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  • The misguided free marketeers in Australia think that a university is just another company that can sell it’s wares. Fees charged will vary depending on the status of the university. Rich people can buy degrees. Poor people will be washing dishes all night before they can get to a lecture. This is a classic case of an ideology driving policy in the absence of evidence.

    All power to Germany. A country that develops it’s talent does better than a country that sells degrees to inbred idiots.

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  • Universities were always free for students until the decision in 2006. I studied in 1974 – 1979, and I did not even know what tuition fees were till I came to Canada and in order to “align” my degree with their requirements – quite bogus in my opinion, but a requirement of the protective professional societies – I would have had to spent two more semesters at several thousand dollars tuition fee to get my degree approved here. Never happened

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  • When I studied organic chemistry at UBC, I was told to learn enough German to at least read organic chemistry textbooks, since nearly all organic chemistry literature was published in German. Think of how many papers in Quantum Physics were published in German. There there the endless list of eminent German mathematicians. They have been doing something right for quite a while.

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  • Depressing that we can’t see that investing in our future will pay off in the long term. For me it’s a travesty that our country so rich in mineral resources, ample land has every opportunity to value add and export products to the world. But no, apparently all we can do is dig holes.

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  • In the USA, not only is profit very important to institutes of higher learning, but SPORTS is just as important!
    As I was growing up in the USA I almost never thought about the sports/education combination.
    But now I think it’s utterly wrong.
    I would love to have free education for all, but that is what a socialistic system is all about as it comes out of taxes.
    I think a highly regulated, socialistic system is the way to go.
    Unfortunately, lots of Americans think that taxes are just as evil as atheists!!!

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  • . KRKBAB. Unfortunately, lots of Americans think that taxes are just as evil as atheists!!!

    They also think socialists are akin to the devil. You only have to say the word!
    I think a magnificent con-job has been done on the people. Who said “1984” was a work of fiction?

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  • 15
    gpat5570 says:

    Enabling anybody, who is capable, regardless of financial or social background to study, is utterly fair. However, what concerns me, as always, is that this is open to abuse – I am resident in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) and I have met several ‘students’ in the Hannover area who seem to take a looooong time to complete a simple degree – needless to say, the thought is, ‘I’m not paying for it’. So really, there is two sides to the story.

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