New Solar Battery Could Generate Cheaper Clean Energy

Oct 19, 2014

Image credit: Yiying Wu, Ohio State University

By Elizabeth Palermo

A new kind of solar cell could store electrical energy without any help from traditional batteries, according to a new study.

Researchers at Ohio State University, in Columbus, have developed what they’re calling the world’s first solar battery — a hybrid device that combines the energy-capturing abilities of a solar cell with the energy-storing capabilities of a battery.

The new cell could lower the cost of harvesting renewable energy from the sun by as much as 25 percent, according to the researchers.

The key to the device’s success is a mesh solar panel that allows both sunlight and air to enter the cell. This porous material represents a departure from the solid semiconductor materials typically used to make solar cells. Allowing both light and oxygen into the cell enables the chemical reactions that typically occur inside a battery to occur within the solar cell itself.


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4 comments on “New Solar Battery Could Generate Cheaper Clean Energy

  • It is amazing how many terrific innovations have come about since the real need for alternatives to fossil fuels has become apparent. I wonder how much sooner we could have reached this point if it were not for Carbonic Luddites holding us back.

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  • Ohio State, just west of the Cretinous museum. How can 2 diametrically opposed places exist on the same planet, let alone a few miles apart?

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  • Isn’t it just Reckless! Think of all the middle eastern grief that could of been avoided if these places had never become rich via oil money. To be a real fly in the ointment requires resources, mainly money. That is what has allowed radical Islam to become the pain it has.
    We should of been striving for these kind of things since WW2 instead of clinging to a finite resource despite all the evidence of harm both political and environmental.

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