Physicists closer to understanding balance of matter, antimatter in universe

Nov 2, 2014

Credit: Image courtesy of Syracuse University

By Science Daily

Physicists in the College of Arts and Sciences have made important discoveries regarding Bs meson particles — something that may explain why the universe contains more matter than antimatter.

Distinguished Professor Sheldon Stone and his colleagues recently announced their findings at a workshop at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. Titled “Implications of LHCb Measurements and Their Future Prospects,” the workshop enabled him and other members of the Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) Collaboration to share recent data results.

The LHCb Collaboration is a multinational experiment that seeks to explore what happened after the Big Bang, causing matter to survive and flourish in the Universe. LHCb is an international experiment, based at CERN, involving more than 800 scientists and engineers from all over the world. At CERN, Stone heads up a team of 15 physicists from Syracuse.

“Many international experiments are interested in the Bs meson because it oscillates between a matter particle and an antimatter particle,” says Stone, who heads up Syracuse’s High-Energy Physics Group. “Understanding its properties may shed light on charge-parity [CP] violation, which refers to the balance of matter and antimatter in the universe and is one of the biggest challenges of particle physics.”


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    Lorenzo says:

    It would be interesting to know a little more in detail what they hoped to discover about the CP violation: unlike the parity violation in weak interactions, which is maximal, CP violation is actually a disturbingly small effect and “some say” (that is: I have been at a seminar about it but can’t remember the name of the speaker) it’s actually too small an effect to account for the overwhelming domination of matter above antimatter. A true big deal would be to discover a very large CP violation, therefore…

    But, actually, reading the source of the post above, it seems that they didn’t find the large effect they were hoping (?) for by improving on previous measures. So we are actually not that much closer to a solution of the matter dominance riddle -the SM just score another point, annoyingly.

    Little explanatory note: “CP violation” refers to the fact that the composite transformation of parity, a central reflection about the origin of axis (change sign to all coordinate), and the charge conjugation, an operation that changes sign to all the charge related quantum numbers (so electrical charge, weak hyper charge and strong color charge) thus sending the wave function of a particle into the wave function of its antiparticle, is not a perfect symmetry of nature -thus it does not lead to a perfectly conserved quantity, by the Noether’s theorem.

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  • Sorry if this sounds vague but I remember reading that a Black hole sucks in more anti matter and the jets of matter coming out of the Black hole is why we have more matter in the universe. Is this BS?

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  • Thanks Jos. Should have known it was not that simple. Need another lifetime to understand your link. Wish I had spent this one doing just that. Find it fascinating.

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