Social Media Cover Photo Contest (WINNERS)


    We would like to thank everyone for their participation.

    Since we got so many amazing submissions, we are sending copies of An Appetite for Wonder by Richard Dawkins to our winners and the Facebook runners-up! The Facebook runner-up submissions will be used later when we need new cover photos.

    Check out the winning designs below (click to enlarge), and make sure to check them out on our social media sites, too!  If your name is listed, please check your e-mail so we can send you your prize.


    Winner: Rachel Edler


    Runner-up: Adonis Durado


    Runner-up: Lesli Lundgren



    Winner: Karen Pickering



    Winner: Rachel Edler






    1. I have made one and tried to upload it using the form. Is the form broken? I have tried it using Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

      It looks like you might be able to get files to upload by giving them the file extention .pngandjpgonly

    2. If someone at the Foundation would like to send me the source code for the submission form I expect I could fix it fairly quickly and send it back.

    3. The error in the code appears to be here. Please see below: –

      [{"title":"Allowed Files","extensions":"pngandjpgonly"}]

    4. You don’t need to make a profile picture, we just wanted to mention that profile pictures take up a portion of cover photos, and that should be taken into account.

      And for the text in the logo, it can be changed only to white.

    5. Oh, I just realized that the photos I uploaded, after finally getting them resized, didn’t have the logo! Only two – hopefully I can submit them again.

    6. It should say, “Thank you for your submission!” after you hit submit. Regardless, I can see your entries, Kristine! Thank you for entering.

    7. Hi Rachael I never received a confirmation, can you let me know if you recieved my entry please kind regards Alan

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