ACLU raises concerns over Kasich’s student mentorship program

Dec 30, 2014

Credit: Eric Albrecht

By Catherine Candisky

The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio says Gov. John Kasich’s $10 million student-mentorship program may be unconstitutional.

The organization is concerned about a requirement that public schools must partner with a religious institution to participate in the recently announced Community Connectors grant program.

“Not only does this clearly interfere with the religious freedom of Ohio families, it places an unconstitutional burden on our public schools and erects another roadblock for at-risk students to access educational opportunities,” Christine Link, executive director of the ACLU of Ohio, said yesterday.

“As guardians of the First Amendment in Ohio, we will launch a full inquiry into this matter.”

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5 comments on “ACLU raises concerns over Kasich’s student mentorship program

  • The federal nature of the US State legislatures appears to nurture third world ignorance and Dunning Kruger confidence, especially in largely rural backwaters. This slackened invigilation of National laws seems to be the direct consequence of the devolution of power from central to state control.

    Here in the UK we recently saw Scotland, by a narrow margin, vote to remain within the Union. The regional assemblies in Wales and Scotland continue and are to be given greater powers. The long-term political effects of devolution here have yet to be demonstrated but a major effect seems likely to be that, with separate regions and legislatures, the ‘rule of law’ will (re) turn to a parochial agenda, become yet more intuitional and opportunistic, and still fail to address longer than electoral-term objectives (objectives for survival of the species, for instance; something I would regard as properly the responsibility of government).

    This dilution of responsibility, with the expansion of layered bureaucracy, is demonstrably subverting US National Law and that flawed ideology of cultural equality is also still ascendent here in the UK.

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