Hobby Lobby president’s Bible curriculum shelved by Oklahoma school district

Dec 2, 2014

By Adelle M. Banks

An Oklahoma school district has shelved a Bible curriculum that Hobby Lobby President Steve Green had hoped would be used by students in January.

Two legal groups that opposed the elective said Tuesday (Nov. 25) that the Mustang Public Schools decided not to feature the curriculum, which was approved in April by the school board.

“In summary, the topic of a Bible course in the Mustang School District is no longer a discussion item nor is there a plan to provide such a course in the foreseeable future,” Superintendent Sean McDaniel wrote in an email to the Freedom from Religion Foundation and Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

The two groups, working with the American Civil Liberties Union, said they received the email in response to a freedom-of-information request they filed about documents concerning the school board’s role with the curriculum.

Jerry Pattengale, senior editor for the high school curriculum, said he looks forward to working with other school districts.


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2 comments on “Hobby Lobby president’s Bible curriculum shelved by Oklahoma school district

  • This is such childish nonsense.

    “If the Christ returned today would you recognize him?”.

    Logic dictates, that for someone or something to return to somewhere, they or it, must have been there previously.

    Oh sorry, my mistake; I’m applying logic.

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  • “If Christ…

    Go-to arrow in many a preacher’s quiver of coercion – but wait, there’s more: pledge a seed of $30 a month, help us make ready the Second Coming!

    Founder David Green cuts quite the despotic figure – but at least this is one battle he lost.

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