Street Epistemology Tutorial 5: When to Bail on Believers

Dec 30, 2014

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These series of videos by Anthony Magnabosco will teach you how to talk people out of faith and superstition and into reason.

This particular tutorial will teach you when to walk away from believers.


Street Epistemology Tutorial 5: When to Bail on Believers

San Antonio, TX
30 December 2014

This fifth tutorial details several examples when it’s likely best to terminate a Street Epistemology encounter. Ultimately, the decision to continue or leave will fall on the individual. It’s my hope that by showing a few examples of failed interventions, I’ll be able to help viewers become prepared to make that choice when the time comes.

My objective is to teach others how to conduct similar conversations with believers regardless of the religion to which they subscribe, based on techniques from Dr. Peter Boghossian’s book, A Manual for Creating Atheists. I also want to encourage others to build off of these techniques and conduct similar conversations with believers in their own unique style.

Want more “breakdown” videos? Let me know which encounter I’ve conducted that you want to see deconstructed in the “Comments” section, and I’ll consider it.

Want to Learn More About Street Epistemology and start talking people out of faith and superstition and into reason? Read the Book:

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Note: The timer changes from white to red around the approximate time I no longer felt comfortable continuing the conversation.


Atheists and Humanists Helping the Homeless San Antonio

Peter Boghossian: ‘A Manual for Creating Atheists’


Please let me know if you notice any mistakes so that I can address them here for self-improvement.

Video captured using Go-Pro Hero 3
Video edited using PowerDirector

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3 comments on “Street Epistemology Tutorial 5: When to Bail on Believers

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    NearlyNakedApe says:

    … Or mentally unstable people. It’s so obvious that I fail to see why had to post a 10 minute video showing crazy people saying crazy things to get his point across. Furthermore, I think Anthony Magnabosco missed the real lesson of this experience and my counter-advice to him would be:

    Never, ever engage in a debate with crazy, violent or heavily drugged people, regardless of the topic. Just stay away from them, period. Especially in America where so many people have guns and are more than willing to use them. This kind of activity is the street equivalent of Russian roulette: do it often enough and there may come a time when walking away won’t be an option.

    Don’t get me wrong here, I’m all for Street Epistemology but as the old saying goes: you have to choose your fights.

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  • I’ve spent several depressing hours working through Anthony Magnabosco’s “breakdown videos” then catching up on Peter Boghossian, whom I had given short shrift to earlier.

    This is low grade stuff. Not where you need to pick up debating skills from, unless you are picking out lower IQ combatants off the street.

    Boghossian’s humiliation at the hands of Dr Tim McGrew over the definition of faith was cringeworthy.

    Please, please, don’t go looking for debate in this pro-active way that Anthony Magnabosco promotes. Brush up your debating skills, sure. Engage in any and every debate normal life brings you. Respond politiely and do all the inteligent things he suggests about trying not to lead your “witness”. But please be more honest about your motives for enagement. Please remember, also, other people have to use the Atheist brand and leaving it in its simplest unadorned, undogmatised state is essential. Never use the term in the same breath as “Street Epistomology”.

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