Adam, Converts, #(1999)

Jan 14, 2015

I was born into a fundamental muslim family, I never gave my religion much thought, instead I took it to be true and I truly believed every wordof Iit. This in return made me a hateful person towards certain people that muslim faith isnt fond of (jews in general). Yet In my hate my humanity kept questioning my beliefs time and time again. My tipping point (as I like to call it) became when my friend told me that he is an agnostic, at that time I never imagined that a muslim living in a muslim country would change his view to become a non-believer. This in return fuelled me to search about atheism and revealed to me the flaws in my religion. It didn’t take me long to change my mind, just 6 months and I was a humanist and an atheist.
And now after a year, iam even more knowledgeable on the matters of science, philosophy and theology; I truly feel enlightened, more in peacewith other people and nature more accepting to others difdifferences and certainly a much kinder person.
I would like to share my name but as iam in a muslim country, this may prove to be problematic.
Sorry for my bad english (my mother language is arabic) andhave a nice day.

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  • Adam,
    I am Jewish. I went through similar things as you did. I congratulate you for your courage!
    I send you my best wishes! Please think of your physical security. Safety comes first. I hope you will be able one day to live in a country where there is freedom of thought and religion.
    Best regards,

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