Adrianna, Converts, #(1997)

Jan 14, 2015

As a child I was told I was a Christian. As a teenager I began to question. After a while I became an atheist, as an angry teenager full of angst I considered myself an aggressive atheist, annoyed by being told by other faiths that I was WRONG. Then I realised that I was being just as stupid by adopting an opposing stance and assuming all believers were wrong. After looking into it, if you must put my beliefs into a structured box then you can call me ignostic. I believe that all conceivable and inconceivable notions pertaining to existence beyond our understanding and view are as possible as each other. It is as likely that there is a God who created the universe and everything in it, but whose chief concern is that newborn baby boys have their foreskin removed, as it is as likely that the universe was created by crazy unicorn Gods with magical rainbow powers – I just don’t chose to believe in either of these, or any of the other structured choices that have been presented to date. I know not how or why we are here and I am quite comfortable in that limitation of my mind. I can still be a moral and well-rounded person without any faith or threat of everlasting damnation or promise of eternal bliss as reward or punishment for my actions.

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