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Jan 14, 2015

As I child I genuinely believed that there were two bibles.

I grew up in a family of Agnostics, but attended a private, Christian school
since it was the best in the area. It was there that I was taught about the creation of the world by a kind, benevolent God, the God from the bible.

At home I would read an old bible and often was shocked by stories of murder and torture on the orders of a cruel God. But as a child I had a certain fascination with reading it – It was in my opinion the most gruesome, grown up book In the house.

I simply was not able to reconcile the two – so I didn’t . Just like you could have two versions of fairy tales you could have two books with the same name… Surely that was the case I thought!

Then I started senior school. That was when I realised that the cruel monster and the loving creator were one and the same.

I have been an athiest ever since.

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