Chris M, Converts, #(2110)

Jan 14, 2015

As a child, I was never raised with religion, but to always keep an open mind. My father is a Roman Catholic, but rejects Young Earth Creationism. Of course, if I were to pinpoint his ideology it would be Leftist Liberalism and often times I wonder if he is a “believer” considering he only attended an American church twice and came to the conclusion that the passing around a plate for money and what the priest said from his pulpit was absolute nonsense. He never went back. Aside from that he never tried to convince his beliefs were ideal for me. He simply said keep an open mind no matter what I believed. Through out my childhood, I always held an intense awe for science and the revelations it bestowed upon us simply by applying reason and logic to everything in our universe instead of long held superstitions of how the universe works. With the fact that I was spared religious indoctrination and having such awe for science I can’t actually say I’m a convert, but rather a realization of a fact not thought of. I’m currently enrolled in college for Chemistry and the more science classes I take the less inclined I am to believe in deity. I would say that I’m also a non-theistic pantheist since I have a “spiritual” zeal for Nature like for example taking a hike through beautiful forests or simply sitting under a tree during the cool Autumn months with the warm sun on my face gives me as close to a religious experience. Life is beautiful, the afterlife isn’t. I think it’s time we try to focus ourselves in the here and now instead of the here after.

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