David Judd, Converts, #(2021)

Jan 14, 2015

I was 13 years old when I lost my faith. (I’m 26 as I write this.) My family went to church every sunday when I was younger, not so much in my teenage years. One day in my youth group, the group leader made a comment that didn’t sit well with me. “God has not beginning and no end.” The idea that something never ends is really easy understand and visualize. Infinity. I get it. I couldn’t grasp something never beginning. That ruined it for me. I realized that I could never make the leaps of faith that other people could because it didn’t make sense. This was the big point in my life when I started to value the truth above everything and made me love math and science even more. I was always really good at math and science in school and I learned that they value the truth as much as I do.

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