Drew na, Converts, #(2034)

Jan 14, 2015

It started when I was eight years old, I grew up in Texas going to a Christian academy, I stood alone while everyone around me sang, worshiped, and cried. When I saw this for the first time I had the thought that maybe it was a fairy tale like Zeus and other gods my mother had told me about, and I thought they might be crazy for crying in happiness oversomething that never spoke to me. As I got older I found out my grandmother was a atheist and my grandfather just wanted to fit in with people he never truly bought into it. When I was 16 I had the same thought again except this time I was more educated and not in a Christian school, I had learned about evolution and the changes our planet has occurred over time, so I decided that the possibility of god was very low. As time went on I looked more to science and more fact base material for answers when I look at religious zealots I can’t help it but I do have fear of what they can do while dominating America, yet they feel discriminated if you question them. a argument with my friend is what sparked the thought that there is no way the bible is a work of fact but a book of fiction so like all bad relationships I dumped it. Sorry for the grammar and spelling I did not write this with the intent of sounding how I think instead of how someone would read. That friend I had the argument with is now questioning it himself and like all good friends I’m right there listing to his thoughts.

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