Egypt’s ‘war on atheism’

Jan 20, 2015

Photo: Al-Ahram

By Passant Darwish

Ahmed Harqan, an Egyptian atheist who expressed his views on television, went to a police station in Alexandria to report that he and his wife were attacked on the street for his beliefs.

Instead of receiving treatment as victims, Harqan and his wife found themselves handcuffed and physically and verbally assaulted by police personnel.

“They switched on the Quran and raised the volume, as if by doing so they were torturing us. They called us names and kept slapping us,” he told Ahram Online.

They were then moved to another police station where a prosecutor asked Harqan: “Are you a believer in God?”

“I’m here to complain and not for you to inspect my beliefs. I will not speak about [religion],” Harqan responded.

“You have to speak about [religion], even if it’s by force,” the prosecutor told him and refused to discuss the attacks on Harqan by strangers on the street and by the police.

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8 comments on “Egypt’s ‘war on atheism’

  • It’s weird how the devout are so insecure about their beliefs that they have to persecute others in order to bolster up their righteousness. It’s a flimsy kind of god they believe in isn’t it?

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  • 2
    voiceofarabi says:

    Egypt today is not the same Egypt of the old days (few hundred years ago….)

    We all know the golden rule… the man with the gold rules…..

    Over the last 100 years, a lot of money and effort have been deployed to take advantage of the poor and uneducated in Egypt to turn that wonderful civilization into a place were the masses are controlled.

    Two movements are directly involved… Muslim Brotherhood (established in London England 🙂 ) and Wahhabism , and they are both called “salafi” thinking (translated – backward sh*t).

    Both movements used money, influence and black mail to buy as many Muslim preachers as they can, and that in turn brain washed the masses into believing that Islam is the only religion allowed on this planet. (as in they are the chosen people, and Islam is the chosen religion)..

    I can think of only one other religion that thinks they are the chosen people, and everyone else is inferior… Can anyone name that religion??

    Ooooo… I suppose Nazi Germany had the same thoughts whilst Hitler was in power!!

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    Miserablegit says:

    Islam an intolerant religion? Of course it is and this is the latest proof that religion in general and Islam in particular have only contempt for non believers and will emphasise this with brute force.

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  • If the 12.5% figure applied across Egypt that would imply 10 milion atheists. Even half this is an awful lot of atheists.

    Thought policing and silencing by the state is an abomination.

    Lets remember how many Egyptians need our help. Its people are not the state. Lets remember free speech and the need to not be judgmental of its content.

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  • 6
    NearlyNakedApe says:

    I can think of only one other religion that thinks they are the chosen people, and everyone else is inferior… Can anyone name that religion??

    All fundamentalists of all monotheistic religions believe this. Ultra-Orthodox Jews think exactly that (which is why they keep building colonies in occupied territories) and American fundamentalist Christians also think they are “the chosen ones” and that everybody else will burn in hell.

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