Gareth Tuff, Converts, #(2025)

Jan 14, 2015

I do not expect to see my name up here in big bold letters,so I will keep it brief.
3 years ago I was diagnosed with MS,to make things that much more exciting,I fought long and hard to win custody of my 2 girls who are now 9-10.
My oldest daughter comes home to me one day (she was about 6) and said “why does this man tell me I am going to burn in hell” . I asked her “where or who told you this” . It was a minster that the school had invited to talk to the school. Simply put it was WRONG,and I told them such.
Fore that day only one mans voice rang in my “let children be free to build particle accelerators,let them fall,let their minds run free,with nothing holding back the power of a child’s imagination” Neil Degrasse Tyson.
Then a found Christopher Hitchens after that,it was own mind that had been set free 🙂
Never stop learning,that is one thing we do owe are ancestors.
Good luck my friends

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