James Beatrice, Converts, #(2026)

Jan 14, 2015

Brought up roman catholic. I hated that the priests said everyone not catholic is going to hell. I went many years in search of the “Truth” through religious organizations including protestant sects and Jehovah’s witnesses and christian science. I studied the bible for many years and became increasingly depressed. Through the years I witnessed man’s inhumanity to man and felt like IO was from another planet. I became an alcoholic to drown my disappointment with life.Eventually I had to sober up or I would die and took the AA route which is more god and higher power and lots of prayer. I saw so many of my AA friends “go out” and die. I heard the ones still sober say that they were sober by the grace of god and I wondered who the hell is his god? playing favorites with some and destroying others. About 4 years ago I said Fuck God and chose to live in the mystery of life. I meditate every day but only to be the observer of the working of my mind. I can see so clearly that all belief systems (religions) are in place to control people and amass wealth for the few. I strive to be present and have become familiar with my inherent qualities such as strength of character, compassion and joy.

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