Meagan28, Converts, #(1993)

Jan 14, 2015

I grew up in a non-religious household. It wasn’t an atheist household either, the topic of religion wasn’t mentioned either way, for or against. 
Anyway growing up through media, school, friends etc I got to learn about god and I believed in him because why would all these people lie? 
I saw him as a man in the sky that loved us and controlled everything and I would pray to him. I also believed of your good and nice you get to heaven, nasty people go to hell.
When I reached middle school and started leaning about dinosaurs I realised they don’t match with the creation story so I had to go with which one made more sense and which had more proof – ie dinosaurs / evolution / Big Bang.
This made me more an agnostic deist at the time and was during my teen years though remained more on the skeptical side the more I heard. 
Recently I actually read the bible fully and been studying it – I see nothing but errors and contradictions and mainly, what a evil scumbag the god of the bible is. 
Now I would say I’m a spiritual atheist – I believe god is high unlikely but even if he was real out the 1000s of other gods, I still wouldn’t bow down to psycho, bloodthirsty, woman-hating, homophobic, egotistical bully like that

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