Michael Price, Converts, #(2115)

Jan 14, 2015

I am fortunate that my early indoctrination wasn’t severe enough to stick. Or for whatever reason, my rationale and logic were solid enough to prevail. I honestly cannot recall when I officially rejected religion and spirituality, but from what I do recall it was a slow and gradual process. I never had to grapple with myself over my religious disillusion. After hearing how many struggle with coming-to-terms with their own mind, I am grateful for that. Once I examined the evidence against religion, the savage hypocrisy of the Bible, and the sickening intolerance of its followers (many at least), the choice to move away from Christian religion was a no-brainer. I searched through source after source for the religion that would fit me just right. Some were close, but none were exactly what I was looking for. That’s when non-religion presented itself to me. I came across the word “Agnostic” and for the first time the whole package clicked! I believe I was in my late-teens when this milestone occurred. As my journey through non-religion continued, I became less and less convinced that there is any sort of God. Today, I am an Atheist.
I have not yet let my family know of my secular viewpoint. My Great Grandfather, and Grandfather were both pastors and my Mother is deeply religious. I fear that if she knew, her own worry and grief would take years off her life. To many of my friends (particularly my science-minded friends) I have had no qualms about telling them my viewpoint. I spent the previous summer in a biological research internship at a top college in America. Being surrounded by so many highly intelligent, logical people, with a similar viewpoint was refreshing and I soon came to realize that my viewpoint wasn’t alone. There are others! My “Eureka!” moment wasn’t about coming to grips with non-religion, my moment was the realization that I am not alone.

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