Paul King, Converts, #(2009)

Jan 14, 2015

My father was in the UK forces and we were living in Germany. Each Sunday my Mother, who was a catholic, would bundle us into the car and my dad would drive us to church. My father, who was church of England would make a sarcastic sacrilegious comment about us saving ourselves from damnation as he dropped us off and drove off to his club for a drink. I had been made to become an altar boy so I had to go into the vestry with the priest and another young boy to get dresses in our church garbs. The priest was a really good guy and he made us laugh with his jokes about individual members of the congregation. He was such a nice man, a genuine believer, which made it truly shocking to hear that he had become trapped under a lorry trailer and literally worn to a bloody pulp as the truck driver had driven off without realizing that the priest had stepped between his vehicles. The new priest was a German guy and he couldn’t speak English so the mass was undertaken in a Latin German mix which none of the congregation could understand. It was during one off these ceremonies that I realized that it was all just to get people in a room together, bamboozle them with old incantations and collect some cash off them. As my mind matured I began to question my mother about her continued adherence to her beliefs and never received a single well reasoned response. I didn’t realise that I was actually part of a growing surge of enlightened modern humanity until I read the god delusion and started researching on the internet how many atheists are out there. I’m out

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