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Jan 14, 2015

Raised in the protestant faith, I became quickly disappointed with my parents separation and their allegdly unshakeable faith as a child of approx. 12. I became totally disinterested in dogma of any faith, and was, by all intents and purposes an agnostic. Till about 10 years ago, I happened on The god delusion of Richard, and from there on it became a flood of information from various books and writers (Too much to list here, although I can E-mail a reading list for those interested). The world (and my brain) lit up in front of me; suddenly I could appreciate the incredible complexity of all life within and without. Zoology, biology, genetics, cell biology and evolution; it all came together, and has enriched my intellect considerably. And now, I can openly state that I am a non-theist and better for it. I only become an atheist when attacked 🙂 The gentle dutch religous beliefs were not a worry in daily life, but with the influx of many islamic people, it became something of an issue. Mind you, we have a bible belt as well, where you could well be physically attacked for your non-theism, or a rock through your car’s windscreen for driving on sunday, but thankfully that belt is some 80 Km to the east. Knowledge rocks!

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