Rugilandavyi, Converts, #(2032)

Jan 14, 2015

I was born in a family of Christian parents and raised as a christian, my parents registered me in a church to attend a divine course when i was 12 and i accomplished it not knowing or even reasoning what lies behind religion. I was not a church boy at all as went to church on very rare occasions as i still do to blend in with family and friends on maybe passover, Christmas, weddings and funerals. I really loved and still do love science something that has pushed me to question the philosophy of religion until when i turned 17 I became first agnostic but later i engaged deeply in religion vesrus science then later 18 I noticed where I stand after becoming exposed to these wonderful bright free thinkers such as and especially Prof.Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye, Lawrence Krauss, Andrew Seth, my very own Jaclyn Glenn and lots of others, I was an Atheist.

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