Texas Secular Convention: February 27 – March 1

Jan 26, 2015

The Texas Secular Convention is being held in Austin, Texas from February 27 through March 1. The convention will include more than 15 speakers, a lobbying event where participants can visit their legislators, a rally at the Texas Capitol Building, networking opportunities and more.

The secular community in Texas is a fast-growing segment of the population, with 22% of Texans considering themselves non-religious, up from 12% just five years ago, putting Texas around the national average as a home for the non-religious. The electorate is changing and the legislature is going to change with it. If the legislators of Texas want to continue to represent their constituents, it is time to hear the voices of the secular community of Texas.

Before the Texas Secular Convention, we will have a rally on the South Steps of the Texas Capitol Building, open to any who would like to attend. After hearing from a few speakers, we will break up into groups and visit our legislators.

The convention will be held over the remainder of the weekend, where you will be able to join like-minded secular Texans as we hear presentations from an impressive gathering of secular thinkers and speakers as we explore many topics, including what a secular Texas might look like.

This is going to be an event no secular Texan will want to miss. Register here!

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