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Jan 20, 2015

This is a cartoon that points at the many different religions and the accompanying oddities. Ruben Bolling, a talented artist indeed, has given us one very entertaining example here.


Tom the Dancing Bug 303 news - hindu baby


View more of Ruben Bolling’s art work here.

13 comments on “Tom the Dancing Bug presents: News of the Times

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    Jonn Mero says:

    Being born from religious parents is an obvious handicap, and should be recognised as such, like being born with HIV, syphilis or a drug addiction. Same shit, just different symptoms.

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  • There is actually some interesting stuff out there about people having an innate belief in the supernatural. A god gene if you will. So the misguided idea of gods could have its roots in genetics. Point is I don’t think you can make a sweeping statement like “we are all born atheist”. People make gods from a very early age. As parents it is up to us to help our children see the difference between the real and the fantastic.

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  • We should only assign religions to people old enough to think about religion. The next step would be to only teach religion to people old enough to think about religion. Religion would be wiped out in a generation.

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  • Then it becomes quite difficult to explain native isolated tribes that have absolutely no god concept. We may be hardwired to invent explanations, but each civilization LEARNS the concept of god (to include what that god does, what he wants from us etc) from their culture, which is why we have so many gods. I don’t think I would have invented Santa or fairies had the concepts not been introduced to me. If left to my own, totally isolated from being led to these concepts, I may well have invented totally different ideas that were just as bad though.

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  • Philip, that “innate belief” is an imagining that something great must be in control of everything. Trying to find answers, primal man invented religions and they have been honed down to whatever we have today. A child has no knowledge of science and so the primal beliefs are still there. If the child is born into a religious family, those beliefs are explained by introducing one false god or another, which unfortunately reinforces (falsely) the early beliefs. That indoctrination in the early years is why it is so hard for so many to believe or even consider atheism. But the statement “We are all born atheists” is correct. The definition of atheism is not believing in a god. An infant has no knowledge of anything, thus does not cognitively believe in anything, including god.

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    Cairsley says:

    If theists think that an infant already has its parents’ religion at or even before its birth are indeed very inconsistent, for, if this were true, why would they take the trouble they take to ensure that the child grows up in the appropriate belief-system? All that is really meant by referring to Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc. infants is that they are designated to be raised in the respective religion of their parents, aspects of which (e.g. attitudes of deference towards certain persons and objects) they do pick up (in traditional religious societies) even from their earliest years. Without adults talking about and practising religious beliefs and customs and insisting that the children do likewise, children would not become religious. The cartoons above are a very good way of satirizing the way religionists speak as though their children already belonged to their religion even before they were capable of entertaining its unlikely and common-sense-defying concepts.

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  • One problem ( as I see it ) with labeling is that is tells children what they ‘are’ , rather than what they have :
    Telling someone that they ARE ‘Christian’ is a lot different than saying that they ‘hold a christian belief’ ( in the case of children that would be ‘have christian parents’ )

    It’s like the difference between telling someone they ‘are stupid’ , versus they ‘had a stupid idea’ .

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    William says:

    I think of this every time I see a baby being baptized, or hear about parent’s circumcising their child. Luckily I am cognizant enough to reject the religious beliefs of my parents, so I will not be raising my children with any such religious predisposition.

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