Will the Bible become the official state book of Mississippi?

Jan 14, 2015

By Michael Schaub

What do milk, the bottlenose dolphin, petrified wood and the Bible have in common? If two Mississippi legislators get their way, they’ll all be official symbols of the Magnolia State.

Democrats Tom Miles and Michael Evans, members of the Mississippi House of Representatives, are proposing a bill that would make the Bible the state book, joining the state’s official beverage, water mammal and stone as official state symbols.

Evans, a Baptist, told the website AL.com that the Good Book could be a cure for “all the things going wrong in the world.” “Me and my constituents, we were talking about it and one of them made a comment that people ought to start reading the Bible,” he said, noting that Mississippians would not be legally required to read it.

A Louisiana lawmaker tried to make the Bible that state’s official book last year, but ended up pulling the bill.

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