Will the Bible become the official state book of Mississippi?

Jan 14, 2015

By Michael Schaub

What do milk, the bottlenose dolphin, petrified wood and the Bible have in common? If two Mississippi legislators get their way, they’ll all be official symbols of the Magnolia State.

Democrats Tom Miles and Michael Evans, members of the Mississippi House of Representatives, are proposing a bill that would make the Bible the state book, joining the state’s official beverage, water mammal and stone as official state symbols.

Evans, a Baptist, told the website AL.com that the Good Book could be a cure for “all the things going wrong in the world.” “Me and my constituents, we were talking about it and one of them made a comment that people ought to start reading the Bible,” he said, noting that Mississippians would not be legally required to read it.

A Louisiana lawmaker tried to make the Bible that state’s official book last year, but ended up pulling the bill.

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15 comments on “Will the Bible become the official state book of Mississippi?

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    Miserablegit says:

    Good of them not require a legal demand to read this book of fairy tales but of course there is always some backward American state which always tries to outdo every other one in its idolatry to the phoney sky being.

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  • Considering the educational levels in the American South, the Bible has the advantage that it is read to them more often than it is read by them.

    Saves y’all havin’ to do that book larnin and reading and writing and ‘rithmetic. What y’all need is Fox News and the good book on Sunday.

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  • “Me and my constituents.” Ughhh!

    Mississippi is at the bottom in just about every statistic you can think of, and this is what they spend their time on?

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    Mormon Atheist says:

    It is certainly unbelievable that people in government are spending any time at all considering such a thing! This is what we elected them for?! Come up with a state book? It’s utter bullshit! How about they spend time on things that actually matter like funding for education, especially science education, wealth inequality, immigration, economic growth, national debt, etc.

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  • And in Australia we have the “Lamington,” or “Lammo,” a relatively harmless sponge cake square with chocolate and coconut icing which was promoted by Dame Edna Everage (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dame_Edna_Everage) to be the National Cake.

    So there, possums!

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  • I worked in a Tech college in Australia for many years, and in the training restaurant they actually had a lammington liqueur. The food and beverege lecturer claimed that it was the only genuine Aussie liqueur, but it was truely vile.

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  • I have actually started reading the Bible a while ago. It’s going slowly because it’s extremely tedious. And I have to say that I disagree with the statement “the Good Book could be a cure for all the things going wrong in the world.” The Bible is so far the second worst book I have ever read. (The only one worse than the Bible is the Quran.) The amount of death and destruction ordered by God or done in the name of God is astounding.

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  • Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Have you ever driven through that state ? Drive fast,do not stop,not too fast,or you might get pulled over by a state trooper with the IQ of a chicken. Stopped at a truck stop for some food. There was a book stand with probably around 30 books for sale,ALL on the subject of christianity.I’d say if there were any of Richard’s books there,there would be a state wide man hunt to find out how it got there. Sat down to eat,two regular guys opposite us having a debate about what Moses either did or didn’t do. It was a good time to NOT proclaim my lack of faith. I did feel more than uncomfortable. Got back on the road, pronto…

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    zzzz2222 says:

    Other states where religious stupidity reigns is Oklahoma and Missouri who have tried to pass through the legislature bills that Christianity is the “state’s religion.” I am appalled and want to vomit.

    Having grown up on the buckle on the bible belt, and witnessed some of the dumbest, silliest, and dangerous religious beliefs imaginable…where I was almost thrown out of a small christian college (for small christians) because I “asked questions” about god’s magical abilities….it still took me ten long years, and a tremendous amount of study…as well as “reading” the bible…to cause me to conclude I am an Atheist.

    I’ve also witnessed various states, such as Texas, try to remove science text books used in schools that explain Evolution and teach Creationism either in place of…or along side Science. Thankfully, in many communities text book committees are open to discussions and science teachers show up en masse, including a Pastafarian…to demand that all such claims of magical science be documented with data and evidence. Of course, christians cannot do that.

    Another trend, especially in Texas is to remove Thomas Jefferson who was a Functional Atheist…meaning he and at least six other Founders of the United States REMOVED all religious laws from the American justice system from history books.

    The Dominionists (christian hegemony and arrogant superiority, who want to “take the US back for Jesus”…and who are licking their chops at the thought of a Christian prsident in 2016) are alive and well, and 24 hours a day make a pitch on the nation-wide christian American Family Association radio stations…that preach divine magic, but sell just tons and tons of Jesus stuff. This “jesus stuff” is interesting, because it is mostly “self-help” books in which it appears that just reading the bible, praying, and professing one’s self as a “Christian” fails, and fails, and fails. Ergo, lots of preachers and crazy women write lots of books they all sell on Christian radio…to help you “fix your problems”….

    One such crazy woman claimed in her book that if you love Jesus more than you “love” your own children, husband, relatives, and friends….Jesus would love you more, and solve all your problems.

    Now having shown that Christians are insane, and do a lot of damage most often to children… by selling this Jesus stuff. it is now time to not only tax churches and all such religious organizations for ‘selling’ books and religious articles for a profit…but charge them in a court of law for FRAUD…put them on the stand, under oath, and make them PROVE all these prayers, books, CDs, etc. work.

    If any other group in the entire US sold such articles of ‘faith’ that their books, prayers, beads, and mumblings could cure all that ails you…they would be arrested for fraud, fined, put in jail, and ordered to cease and desist such claims.

    Why is it that the FDA demands that years and years of human trials before any kind of medicine or therapy is “sold” to the public, but religionists can make 1000s of claims, take people’s money, and when it doesn’t work…there are no legal, social, criminal, or civil consequences. Its about time to start suing preachers, etc…for malpractice…and ultimately make them stop…

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  • Evans, a Baptist, told the website AL.com that the Good Book could be a cure for “all the things going wrong in the world.”

    Yet again, these morons demonstrate a total lack of sense of irony.

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  • That’s pretty intense. Years back, a guy with whom I took a motorcycle trip to the deep south, cut his long hair just in case we encountered an Easy Rider type.

    Got back on the road

    ’77 Pontiac Trans Am? ; )

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