Dowsing useless in finding missing girl

Feb 18, 2015

By Doubtful News

The “Find Me” crew is back in the news. And, again, not really helping.

Private Investigator believes he knows who the suspects are in the Celis kidnapping

The private investigator the family contacted said, “Whoever did this knows the family 100 percent guaranteed, and my suspect has a key to the house.”

Retired federal agent Jerry “Kelly” Snyder is the founder of “Find Me,” an organization he started in 2002 to look for missing children. His group has been searching for Isabel Celis since the 6-year-old was kidnapped in April 2012. He has two suspects who we can’t name because they’ve not been charged with a crime.

“I provided the Tucson Police Department with two individuals names who I truly believe were involved in her disappearance,” said Snyder. “Either physically they took her, or they had something to do with her disappearance.”

So far, this is OK. There is much merit in hiring a private investigator to help with a case. The more eyes on it the better. Police have other cases and sadly can’t devote all their time and attention to it. This is not a bad idea, until…

Dan Baldwin helped Snyder start “Find Me.” He’s written a book about it and he uses Pendulum Dowsing, a way to find answers normally not available to our senses.

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12 comments on “Dowsing useless in finding missing girl

  • Dowsing would work, but only if you had some clue where to look. You might unconsciously be able to put yourself in the mindset of the criminal and ask yourself “Where would be a good place to hide the body”, then the dousing could lead you to visit those spots.

    I use a similar technique to help find lost articles. Presumably, my subconscious remembers where I left it. I feel little tugs on my head pulling me to the lost article.

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  • 2
    UTClimber says:

    Pretty sure that anytime you feel “tugs” on your head, it is someone trying to remove your head which has been placed very deeply into an orifice.

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  • “…only if you had some clue where to look.”

    So is it the “clue” or the pendulum that “leads you”? (Come on, you know the answer.)

    Yeah. Just like the Ouija board “would work” if only the other players didn’t “unconsciously” push the pointer.

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  • “He’s written a book about it”

    yeah milk it for all it’s worth. the snake oil industry is a good business model as long as you know how to get as much money out of the vilagers before they run you out of town

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  • Guys, I think you’ve missed the point of what Roedy was saying (and perhaps are not aware of his considerable and thoughtful posting history here). He’s not saying there’s anything in it, just that it could be used as a way to trigger memories or intuition.

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  • I disagree with your assessment. (If Roedy’s point needs clarifying, it seems to me that Roedy ought to be able to clarify for himself. No?)

    “Dowsing would work…”
    “…dousing [sic] could lead…”

    So would/could scratching your head, but no one seriously thinks it is actually “working” or “leading” in any meaningful sense.

    And, just for the record, my comments on this post of Roedy’s have no bearing on and are not influenced by any former (or future) posts, thoughtful or otherwise.

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