EVENTS: The Texas Secular Convention is coming up.

The Texas Secular Convention is coming up Feb. 27-March 1 and it looks freaking excellent.

There will be some kick ass speakers like Ron Lindsay (CFI), Annie Laurie Gaylor (FFRF), David Smalley (Dogma Debate & Atheist Audiobooks), Amanda Knief (American Atheists), Matt Dillahunty (Host, The Atheist Experience), Barry Lynn (Americans United), and Daniel Moran who occasionally contributes to this blog – he’ll be speaking on the steps of the Capitol!  Several Texas legislators and candidates for office will also be appearing, which is a huge get for them!

  • Training on how to lobby effectively
  • A lobbying event where participants can visit their legislators
  • A rally at the Texas Capitol Building
  • Panels, including “What policy areas can Texas secular voters realistically impact in the near future?”
  • Mini Camp Quest for the kids

You can register here.  Early bird admission is $110 and students can get in for $50.