Secularists: We’re Fine Without God, Thanks

Feb 10, 2015

To the Editor:

Re “Building Better Secularists” (column, Feb. 3):

David Brooks says secular individuals have to build their own moral philosophies, while religious people inherit creeds that have evolved over centuries. Autonomous secular people are called upon to settle on their own individual sacred convictions.

Secularists don’t have to “build” anything; we can choose moral philosophies from what’s already well tested. If religious people think that their “faith” excuses them from evaluating the duties and taboos handed down to them, they are morally obtuse.

Does Mr. Brooks think that religious people are not “called upon to settle on their own individual sacred convictions”? Children may be excused for taking it on authority, but not adults.

Mr. Brooks writes, “Religious people are motivated by their love for God and their fervent desire to please Him.” We secularists have no need for love of any imaginary being, since there is a bounty of real things in the world to love, and to motivate us: peace, justice, freedom, learning, music, art, science, nature, love and health, for instance.

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3 comments on “Secularists: We’re Fine Without God, Thanks

  • Beautiful photo. But even here we have a small reminder of the persistence of God beliefs – the nebula is in a constellation (of the Perseus spiral arm) named after the mythical queen Cassiopeia, who felt the wrath of Poseidon when she boasted that her beauty compared to the Gods.

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  • but even here we have a small reminder

    True! My point of view was framed in the context of modern christian colloquialisms such as galaxies are God’s cobwebs, asserted as fact, not fancy.

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