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Feb 6, 2015

Below is my coming out letter to my sister who is more Catholic than the Pope:

I may have not been clear in my last email so let me be clear now. I am an atheist. I know of no evidence to believe in the supernatural. I believe that man created the thousands of gods of the past, and that man created all of the thousands of gods that are currently being worshiped today (including the god of Abraham). I have struggled my entire life with faith, that I define as belief without evidence. Although I have tried, I simply can’t resolve it in my mind. I am not neurologically wired for faith. I am a skeptic and have always been a skeptic. I have searched my whole life for Truth. I care very strongly about what is true and want to know how the universe works, how simple things work, how complex things work, how we came to be. The philosophy that I studied in college provided me with reasoning skills, but did not provide me with answers. The religion that I was raised with, based on bronze age scrolls, handed down stories, dogmas, and arguments from “Authority,” did not provide the needed answers to my questions. Had I been born in India, I would have been raised with a different religion, different beliefs, and different gods.

I believe in Science. Science is the only enterprise that I have found that can show what is true. It develops theories that are based on empirical evidence. Theories that are testable and falsifiable. Science makes predictions that are testable and falsifiable. It is subject to peer review. The scientist that gets the most notoriety is typically the scientist that disproves, modifies, or further solidifies a current theory based on new evidence. The current theory that the earth orbits the sun is still a theory but we claim it as truth based on verifiable evidence. The same is true of the theory of descent with modification.

There are many things that we don’t know, because our tools are limited. Our tools have vastly improved and continue to improve exponentially. We are learning more and more every day about the universe or multiverse? My mind is always OPEN to new beliefs based on evidence as I described above. My current beliefs can also be discarded based on new evidence as above.

I will not try and disabuse you of your faith because I know its importance to you. I ask you to please keep your religious views, and most especially the religious views of the catholic church to yourself. If you have any scientific evidence you wish to discuss I am OPEN.



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  • Ted, it’s one thing to have a sister who is “more Catholic than the Pope”, but what of my 81 year-old father and 77 year-old mother? I continually pretend to them, and to a brother, that I attend Mass and pray, although I have a more reasonable brother who I am thinking of coming out to, because he can keep a secret.
    I do not want to give my parents any grief in their senior years.

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