White House Requests Boosted $18.5B NASA Budget

Feb 6, 2015


By Discovery News

NASA on Monday hailed a proposal by President Barack Obama to boost spending for the US space agency and announced plans for a mission to explore Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

The agency’s administrator, Charles Bolden, said at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida that NASA has made strides in the journey toward Mars—where a human mission is planned for 2024—with a “near-flawless” flight test of its new Orion deep space vehicle.

He also heralded success in handing over International Space Station resupply missions to commercial partners, with the first crew flights on the horizon in 2017.

Although Obama’s overall $4 trillion US budget plan faces an uphill climb through Republican-controlled Congress, support for the space agency tends to reach across bipartisan lines.

“President Obama is proposing a fiscal year 2016 budget of $18.5 billion dollars for NASA, building on the significant investments the administration has made in America’s space program over the past six years,” Bolden said in an address broadcast online and shown at NASA locations across the United States.

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2 comments on “White House Requests Boosted $18.5B NASA Budget

  • While the additions to the budget are commendable, I would be concerned that there seems to be a focus on a plethora of manned systems which could leave funding short for some of the valuable robot exploration of as yet uncharted areas.

    @OP link – Bolden said key areas of focus for NASA are continuing to prepare a manned mission to Mars, as well as developing advanced solar electric propulsion systems needed for an asteroid redirect mission.

    Development of electric drives and the Juno mission are certainly important steps.
    Missions to Mars’ moons seem more financially feasible, than manned landing on Mars.

    @OP link – “We have identified several asteroids that could be good candidates and will make a decision soon on a capture option.”

    It is my understanding, that the asteroid capture mission has been down-graded to grabbing a return ample from an asteroid.

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  • What is this about really? The US would not spend those kind of bucks with such whacking huge deficits.

    a bone to the Republicans who want more money shovelled to aerospace/military contractors who fund them. It is almost as good as starting another war.
    The drone mentality has been very successful. It means low US casualties, and terror to those who oppose the USA. Eventually orbiting bombs will be able to obliterate anyone or group of people on earth at the push of a button. Caligula would be envious.

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