A Survey For Atheists

Mar 4, 2015

This study is being conducted by Robin W. Allen, who is an atheist-affirming social work professor in the School of Social Work, Boise State University You are being asked to complete this survey because you do not believe in a god or gods and/or are not affiliated with a religious.

Participation is voluntary.  The survey will take approximately 15 minutes or less to complete.  You must be at least 18 years old to take this survey.

This study involves no foreseeable serious risks.  I ask that you try to answer all questions; however, if there are any items that make you uncomfortable or that you would prefer to skip, please leave the answer blank.  Your responses are anonymous.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Robin:

Robin W. Allen, PhD, MSW
Boise State University School of Social Work

If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, you may contact the Boise State University Institutional Review Board (IRB), which is concerned with the protection of volunteers in research projects.  You may reach the board office between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, by calling (208) 426-5401 or by writing: Institutional Review Board, Office of Research Compliance, Boise State University, 1910 University Dr., Boise, ID 83725-1138, USA.

Take the survey: 


32 comments on “A Survey For Atheists

  • Judging from the survey questions religious belief is taken much more seriously in the USA than here in Australia. Also the question of ‘race’, – whatever that is.

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  • A lot didn’t apply to me as it referenced dating. After 38 years of marriage, if I had answers for the dating questions I’d probably be a eunuch.

    And just a cultural point. When asked about race, the term “White” was used. I assume this is an American norm, because here in Australia, it would be Caucasian, or European. The colour of skin would not determine race.

    And I’m obviously lying about being happily married for 38 years, because for an atheist without a god to guide me, this is impossible.

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  • 7
    brettcalgary says:

    He is trying to figure out the hardest places for atheists to live and reproduce? Or he thinks there may be money in an atheist dating website?

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  • 10
    Scribblerlarry says:

    Poorly put together. I’m no expert but even I know better than to refer to white people as a ‘race’. Too Amerikan oriented – you folks gotta get out more, y’know? Ninety-five percent of the world awaits your exploration! But leave your guns and your exceptionalism at home, please.


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  • Looks like these are questions a young, single American college student would be interested in but they don’t address much more than the dating habits of atheists. And that excludes millions of us who don’t ‘date.’ (Though I’m never exactly sure what that is.)

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  • I thought the classic Monty Python’s Bridge Of Death scene was a nice allegory of the tribulations of contemporary dating 🙂 …And it used to be so simple.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into it!

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  • I’m with Mr Allen on this one, I have been with the same woman since July 6, 1986 and incidentally I was married in a catholic church on Aug 27, 1988…but that was her choice and I just didn’t care – Nice building to have the celebration and the woo-woo was amusing….Mind you, what If I had to “Date” in the near future…..I’m sure I would find that amusing too…..

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  • 17
    maria melo says:

    I didn´t know which race I belong to, perhaps mediterranean after having read a british newspaper mentioning “mediterranean race”( actually I may look slightly indian for some people too and it was a difficult answer):” I DON´T KNOW!”

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  • My pet peeve: for race I put European. I think it’s wrong that it’s considered acceptable to have a race called “white” while it’s not acceptable to call any other race by a color.

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  • I am very interesting in results. What conclusions would Robin W. Allen find. I am interesting to know what colour of someone skin has to do with non believers. And also, what about question about sex? What if someone is a man trapped in woman body, or vice versa? hahaha…
    i must say I am very interesting in conclusions of this survey.

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  • I think most are missing the point on colour creed etc…The survey can give more accurate results in different perceived groups by asking what seem like pointless questions. If you perceive yourself as white american, are you more likely to be religious? If you are asked the question of just ‘British’ or ‘American’ then that will tell you whether you feel loyal to the country of residence. You will almost always find another question asking about your ethnicity somewhere on the form.

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  • Some of the questions did feel a bit odd from the perspective of a Brit such as when would you raise the matter of religion with a potential partner. In 55 years I’ve never dated anyone where the subject of religion even cropped up. It’s pretty much a non issue over here. It’s never cropped up at work, or with any of my friends except for one born again young earth fundamentalist bat shit crazy person I met 20 or so years ago and knew briefly. He was a really nice guy and we spent many evenings in the pub discussing things but only because I was intrigued as to how anyone could possibly believe the world is only 6000 years old or that the buy bull is the infallible word of dog when it’s full of errors, contradictions and made up nonsense.

    It opened my eyes to the sheer depth of brainwashing that it’s possible to inflict on a child though. I’d never met anyone like that before or since or even realised they existed to be honest. I guess they’re pretty common in the USA but fairly rare over here thankfully.

    It wasn’t until I developed an interest in US politics and particularly when Dubya got into the White House and invaded Iraq that I realised just how dangerous religion is and how these people might actually destroy the entire planet with their religious wars, denial of global warming, evolution and science in general. On that basis I believe that the current Republican party is one of the most dangerous organisations to have ever existed given the power they have had, and potentially could wield again if they get back into office.

    The vast bulk of world power is wielded in three places. Europe where religion is barely an issue, China which is an atheist country anyway and the USA. Until religion ceases to be a factor over there this world will not be safe.

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  • Olgun: The survey can give more accurate results in different
    perceived groups by asking what seem like pointless questions.

    Arkrid Sandwich: Some of the questions did feel a bit odd from the

    Yes. That is why I am just interested in results. I hope that he will published them here.

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  • As Thunderfoot so nicely puts it in his YouTube videos:

    The internet. The place where religions come to die.

    Hopefully this survey, which I did, will help in that process.

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  • Maybe because the USA is our closest neighbor; here in Canada, we also refer to Caucasians as white, African descending North Americans as black, Native Americans as red, and far east Asians as yellow. The rest of Asians are known as Orientals. I know , it is a bit simplistic but talk to our police forces when they arrest them. Also, any Spanish speaking peoples are known as Hispanics and after they are referred to their country of origin middle.

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  • Interesting survey, slightly bemused by the question after the region you are from it asked if you are Hispanic/Latino…Surely that only applies to people in the US…??

    Some of the relationship questions are a little inane, but I suppose because bible bashers make an issue out of this I can see why it may be deemed necessary. I can think of a lot of other questions that I think are far more relevent to such a study so it is a shame that we cannot suggest questions for an additional survey..

    Such as:

    Do you believe Evolution is real?
    Do you believe in the Virgin Mary?
    Do you believe that there is life after death?
    Do you feel that religion and Politics should be legally seperated Do you believe that by not teaching children about Atheism in schools this is a form of religious intolerance by the state?
    Do you believe that Religion should be banned from the education system until children are of an age to make an informed choice themselves (Not sure how that would work in practice)



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  • Agreed.
    Oh, America! So much growing up to do, religion-wise; how to get over the mind-virus afflicting so many of your citizens?
    Latest Pew [?] research claims the ‘noes’ [non-religious] at 20% plus, mainly the young. Encouraging growth but if only it were happening faster…

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  • Dr. Allen, I did the survey but I just wanted to point out an issue with the way you describe yourself and the survey. You say:

    This study is being conducted by Robin W. Allen, who is an atheist-affirming social work professor

    That sounds to me like someone who has a clear agenda and that isn’t good science. If you are doing this survey to show something positive about atheists or negative about theists you aren’t doing science, you are indulging in the same kind of agenda driven pseudoscience (e.g., people who claim to do research to show that science is inherently sexist… a conclusion they start out with and then work to prove) that people like Dawkins would mock.

    If you want to see a good example of someone who does science related to anthropology and religion I recommend the work of Scott Atran. Atran has said that he is an atheist but he doesn’t start out the intro of his book “In Gods We Trust” by saying “religion is stupid and this book is going to show why”. On the contrary he keeps his personal views out of the discussion as a good scientist should and tries to be as unbiased and objective as possible.

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