2 comments on “Baba Brinkman – Gene’s Eye View

  • Ugh. The information might have been useful, but I had to turn it off midway through. Couldn’t stand being chanted at in badly rhymed a-rhythmic non-matching couplets like a six-grader’s attempt at a poem. Yeah, I know. There’s a whole segment of the American population that likes to talk that way. The more’s the pity.

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  • Cliched electronically generated noise, which I can’t bear, and of course don’t have to listen to, but if it helps raise consciousness it’s a worthwhile trade off; after all, everything has a price, and I still have my Monk, Gillespie, Peterson, Garner, MJQ, Lionel Hampton, Tatum, Teddy Wilson, Thad Jones, Mel Louis, “The King of all Sir Duke” and many others.

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