‘Duck Dynasty’ star fantasizes about atheist family’s brutal rape and murder to make point about God’s law

Mar 25, 2015

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By Travis Gettys

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson conjured up a lurid fantasy about the rape and murder of an atheist family to illustrate a point about following God’s law.

The reality TV star made the comments Friday at the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast, and Christian conservative radio host Rick Wiles aired them later that day on his “Trunews”program, reported Right Wing Watch.

“I’ll make a bet with you,” Robertson told the religious gathering. “Two guys break into an atheist’s home. He has a little atheist wife and two little atheist daughters. Two guys break into his home and tie him up in a chair and gag him.”

“Then they take his two daughters in front of him and rape both of them and then shoot them, and they take his wife and then decapitate her head off in front of him,” Robertson continued, “and then they can look at him and say, ‘Isn’t it great that I don’t have to worry about being judged? Isn’t it great that there’s nothing wrong with this? There’s no right or wrong, now, is it dude?’”


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58 comments on “‘Duck Dynasty’ star fantasizes about atheist family’s brutal rape and murder to make point about God’s law

  • Never saw “True Detective”, but this line fits: “If the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation of divine reward, then brother that person is a piece of shit”

    Considering “Duck Dynasty” is a proven fraud that is entirely scripted and fabricated, Robertson is doubly so: Clearly–if it weren’t for that mythical eternal damnation that terrifies him [“Love me or burn FOREVER!” Hugs and kisses, God]–he’d be participating with his fictional characters.

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  • 3
    disillusioned hippy says:

    never watched the show and do not know the guy, but that is one seriously sick story he told.if that had happened on this side of the atlantic he would be under fire from all sides in the press and t.v

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  • Read this earlier somewhere and this man is mentally unstable.

    One of the comments where I read this reversed the scenario to a christian family being attacked. The out for the attackers was that all they had to do was ask Jesus to forgive them and this horrific attack would be as if it never happened, to the attackers that is.

    It’s a good thing this sicko is a believer or who know what heinous crimes that sick mind would force him to commit without the stopping power of Jesus!

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  • I am really sorry that there isn’t a hell for him to burn it. On the other hand, since there isn’t a hell and there isn’t a god and nothing he believes is real so it’s really easy to disregard such a hateful, ignorant, immoral, indecent, disgusting human being… He isn’t worth the effort to get upset over.

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  • That’s just reality, and his argument is exactly like denying the truth because it isn’t what we want it to be, and life seems to suck just that much more because of it.


    But we’ve got each other, right …right? –come on now

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  • Are people seriously lusting to rape? It does not make any sense. The people I lust after are people I like. I want to please those people, not hurt them, even if they are not interested. If people are feeling checked only by thought of eternal punishment, I submit some horrible thing must have been done to them to make them see sex that way. That horrible thing apparently is Christianity itself.

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  • Christians imagine atheists must run amok, but in fact they do not. They are much less likely to rape than Christians. Christians are projecting their psychoses on atheists.

    If you are big on thought experiments, a Christian knowing he is hell bound for having an impure thought about Oprah Winfrey at age 13. and knowing that only 144,000 male virgins will ever make it to heaven, figures he might as will hang for a sheep as a lamb, and rapes and pillages.

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  • Indeed,

    I find it amusing that those who choose to be so offended by the prospect that we might be cousins to chimps, refuse to use the very organ which differentiates us from them. Big Brains! Bah! Who needs them!

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  • 18
    NearlyNakedApe says:

    Wow… Looks like Dumbledore here is even crazier than I thought…. On top of being a fraud and a racist. Way to go Robertson. Building up quite the track record… as a severely ignorant, toxic piece of excrement that is.

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  • Maybe, this could be a blessing in disguise…

    A quick glance at comments on other sites, gives me the idea some folks are defending atheists, by virtue of Robertson being insanely vitriolic. Like the automatic siding of an underdog (or, someone you don’t agree with) being bullied.

    Possibly (and hopefully!) this could lead to rational communications.

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  • 21
    System Marked Down says:

    I suspect that he is either vying for a radio station deal of some kind, a show of some kind (not Duck Dynasty), or will run for something. Maybe not. But I said it here, and if it happens… 😉

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  • This man is expressing how it feels to be him. Those with a tendency to schizotypal behaviours, those truly not in control of themselves, may find comfort amongst the religious, especially in the bosom of that old time religion of an all seeing Sniper God.

    Should we be thankful that this potentially dangerous and murderous loon is kept on his religious leash?

    No. We should recognise that some fundamentalist religious cultures could bring about a collapse in the proper moral functioning of its adherents. This switch of moral authorship from the enlightened one of absolute personal moral responsibility to one of a “godmatic” autopilot, especially in the minds of those who tend to be causally muddled in their thinking is a lot of personal bombs liable to go off. One wrong little intuition of the source of a murderous urge could destroy more lives than the “intuiter”.

    I usually urge caution in drawing lessons on the nature of religions from the actions of the clearly mad, but in this instance it is nowhere near as clear. This is exactly the kind of dancing on the edge of mania that can typify some types of fundamentalist religion. We recently saw an avowed atheist succumb to his poorly functioning brain and kill innocents in a rage. I think there are religious folk who have pathological thoughts who, also, are simply in need of treatment. It is this much larger grouping who disbelieve in personal moral authorship and the daily due diligence that attends it, that become the powder keg I fear…and if only for their capacity to vote.

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  • While the scenario he describes is awful it is also true that horrible things happen and we discuss them in a variety of ways in different situations e.g. from police investigations, trials and news reporting to printed fiction and horror movies. In my opinion his use of an awful possibility to emphasize the old nonsense that without god all things are permissible does not indicate that he is dangerous or deranged.

    Of course it’s not something most people would do and his stupidity is still fair game, both for believing god grounds morality and not realizing how people might take his little speech.

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  • I’m not sure if he really is this intellectually deficient or whether he is dumbing things down for his audience? The man has a master’s degree in education for crying out loud. You cannot tell from listening whether you are hearing a home-grown Baptist preacher from the 1950s with no formal education. Apparently they be giving anyone a master’s degree down there.

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  • No. I specifically distinguished him from the deranged. I said he was the sort of person who felt he might commit horrible acts if not overseen by a corrective god, that that is how it feels for him and that that is a route to substandard moral behaviour. You have not addressed this.

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  • Brewster Mar 26, 2015 at 2:27 pm

    I’m not sure if he really is this intellectually deficient or whether he is dumbing things down for his audience? The man has a master’s degree in education for crying out loud.

    Ah! But in the US in addition to diploma mills, degrees can be obtained from establishments like this!


    The name is reminiscent of Orwellian doublethink (Ministry of Truth, Ministry of Love, et cetera), since Liberty University students do not have the liberty to attend dances, break curfew, watch “R” rated movies, view sexually explicit material, enter the bedroom of someone of the opposite sex, or otherwise exhibit behavior “associated with a counterculture.”[1] Students may not drink alcohol, or smoke tobacco, or organize petitions without permission, and are also subjected to random, mandatory drug tests. This restrictive code of conduct is called the “Liberty Way.”[2] No joke intended. Academic posts are entirely non-tenured so the authorities can control staff as well. Falwell has said, “Where tenure is practiced, eventually theistic evolution is taught.

    And as we know, those evil unChristians like Catholic science tutors, will try to teach theistic evolution, instead of the TRrrroooo Young Earth Creationism, IF they have security of tenure in their jobs!!!!

    Ah! That good old theistic LIBERTY or the US Xtian right!!!

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  • Sorry, you didn’t say that. You said he was mad and a potentially dangerous and murderous loon. *

    I only read the above and didn’t listen to the podcast. Does he say that he felt he might commit horrible acts if not overseen by a corrective god?

    I agree that’s potentially worse than just not knowing why you’re basically a good person but thankful that you are. I like to refine my moral reasoning but I’m not sure it’s the reason I’m basically a moral person. Lots of people don’t and are still decent, and a lot of them probably thank god for that too. :shrug:


    I also think he’s a bit loony, but I still like to take a crack at unraveling our thoughts about these sorts things. I’m sure you understand. 🙂

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  • Ack! I posted the wrong version and didn’t check. I thought I had removed “potentially dangerous and murderous” from the line. My point is that he is not that but there is high risk neverthe less. The piece is nonsense with it in.


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  • 31
    Starsector001 says:

    Here’s a link regarding many of this lunatic’s inflamatory speeches, including at the CPAC Republican conference in February: Right Wing Watch

    The fact that he’s seems to have become the Republican Tea Party spokeman is telling….

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  • Sorry Phil for some reason I can only respond to myself. I guess the nesting only goes so far.

    I enjoyed the reasoning in your post regarding the potential risks of handing over responsibility for our morality to a god. It makes sense to me.

    It seems less completely correct to me these days, but it definitely makes sense.

    Anyway, I apologize if by focusing on something other than your major points I upset you. -cheers

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  • The fault is all mine, Sean. And thanks for drawing my attention to it quickly. If I was crisp (sorry) it was because I had thought I had taken care of that exact point. I’ve started to write pieces out in a word processor app. first to avoid losing stuff halfway through posting. Its working well except for making sure I got the right version after ctrl V-ing it in…

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  • Honestly,

    I’m glad he believes in skygod because if he didn’t. I’d be terrified for what he’d do and what so many others would do. It that way, the fear is good. On the other hand I guess people use that fear to justify horrible crimes as well so neither is good.

    It’s sad that so many people rely on fear to have morals when in fact it’s in our nature for cooperation and that has ingrained moral code. Respect and Love. They are necessary for our survival as much or more than competition.

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  • Reportedly he received his master’s from Louisiana Tech, which was known as Louisiana Polytechnic Institute until 1970. Not exactly Stanford but still, it was a decent public university. Should have gotten a very decent education there.

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  • 36
    shannon says:

    I feel sorry for the Robertson sons and the rest of his family. They seem like decent people who happen to be the descendants of Crazy Phil. I actually like to watch the show; it’s often funny and never scary or violent like so much TV is. But any appearance by Phil has always given me the creeps, even before his beliefs about gays and atheists came out. He presides at the end over the family meal like the patriarch he is. He always says the blessing. I think Willy should get to sit at the end of the table sometimes and say the blessing, or Ms. Kay.

    That said, I know quite a few people here in rural TN who do believe that the fear of hell is the only thing keeping people in line. That, and the fact that all their neighbors are heavily armed. His beliefs and fantasies are really not that unusual in America, particularly rural America.

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  • I’m an atheist and I know it is WRONG to blatantly misrepresent the truth in such a way as to support your radical beliefs. The irony is that if Mr Robertson did actually know the difference between RIGHT and WRONG he never would have made this speech.

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  • That’s an interesting perspective (and I know it’s a different state, but I immediately thought of Justified), but I respectfully suggest the fear of hell is overrated (as a deterrent to criminals, it’s quite effective at screwing with the heads of non-criminals).
    The heavily armed neighbours probably is the more important factor, or more generally speaking the fear of getting caught.
    Just look at the outbreak of crime and looting (in cities) that seemingly appears whenever the police and emergency services are on strike or overstretched due to some crisis like a natural disaster. The fear of God hasn’t been temporarily suspended (you would think a natural disaster would increase respect for God’s powers), only the fear of getting caught.

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  • What’s truly scary is the unavoidable implication that the only thing keeping Mr. Robertson from rape, pillage, and plunder is the fear of being caught and punished. If you need a book and the threat of eternal torment to conclude rape and murder are wrong, then you’ve got serious problems.

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  • Just look at the outbreak of crime and looting (in cities) that seemingly appears whenever the police

    The Lord of the Flies resides in us all. Just under the surface. it doesn’t take much to unleash the beast. We are an ancient stone age hunter / gatherer. We’re not civilized. We only hold it together with sticky tape and paper.

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  • 41
    Pallas Anders says:

    I absolutely loathe it when Christians assume atheists have no morals and think that they can get away with amything. That’s not how it works, no matter how hard it is for Christians like the Robertsons to understand.

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  • WOW!! Stupid illiterate narrow minded Trash!! To truly think that without “GOD’S Law” the meaning to right and wrong, Would no longer apply ?? Sorry I forgot that without your religion, “Your God” I would just Go on a killing spree, “Hell” Why not? What a Joke!! And he see’s nothing wrong with committing those acts if his “Anthropomorphic God” is out of the way…

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  • This is what always scares me about religious people who say things like this. They are essentially telling you their personal sick fantasy and you know they would be doing it if they ever lost their fear of hellfire. It makes me think maybe I don’t want them to become an Atheist.

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  • There is no debate about that there are right or wrong things to do, however that concept of right or wrong is personal rather than absolute. We claim it’s wrong for different reasons, not that there’s no wrong at all.

    In the pursue of a prospering civilization, which is a survival requirement for us, the behavior that was explained is detrimental to say the least.

    His (and other’s) contention that goes about this way: “If we take god out, then you can kill people, that is obviously not a good thing!” means that they are capable of evaluating that it’s not a good thing beyond just the rule itself. If all they had was just the rule then they could not come up with support for it. It means that they understand why it’s beneficial to not allow this thing, which means they don’t really need god as a foundation for the rule — they can just explain why they themselves feel it’s wrong.

    All you need to do when someone tells you “But then people will kill everyone because they don’t have moral rules!” is ask them “why is that a bad thing?”, and they will hand you a reasonable non-theistic explanation that does not depend on god.

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  • We could ask our sick duck friend to post that to IS as they appear to be the nearest exponents of this behavior. Would be most interested in any religious/moralistic reply they have.

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  • This is not a sane person. If the only thing stopping him from raping and murdering is a 2,000 year old book, then he needs to be put in an asylum under lock and key.

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  • Possibly. Still, what I find the most disappointing about this whole incident is the lack of outrage from the audience.

    I keep picturing the scene from “Twelve Angry Men” where all the jurors got up and silently turned their backs on the one juror during his tirade.

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  • 50
    brendan says:

    Such hate spewed from the eyes of a madman, all in all, you are the company you keep. In the word’s of the immortal Christopher Hitchens “He is the Enemy!”

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  • I disagree. They can use their sky god to rationalize the most horrific acts. A good example was the Inquisition. Torturing people made perfect sense because a few days of torture on Earth were clearly justified to save someone from an eternity of torture.

    If you read stories about these patriarch types when they go nuts they often kill their women and children out of convoluted logic that by doing so they are saving their souls. A good example is the book Under The Banner Of Heaven by Jon Karakauer (sp?)

    He documents various cases of Mormon patriarchs who rape their daughters and murder their families all in the name of God.

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  • Hmm, a wee bit pessimistic there David IMO. The very fact that we are here after some ? 200,000 years of Homo Whatever-us, suggests we are basically social animals with a need to co-operate. We are not loners. I didn’t like Fatty, but I liked the Lord of the Flies less. Yes I too would fight for air in a doomed submarine, but that’s survival ! Nothing to do with wanting to rape, murder and cut off someone’s penis !

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  • The man clearly has crossed over the thin line that separates ignorant but harmless social conservatism into Fred Phelps and Hutton Gibson territory. I believe that a serious psychiatric evaluation is in order.

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  • The scenario he describes is one that doesn’t seem to happen a lot in the Western developed world, to which he belongs, so why would he use such a heinous example? Obviously, only he knows why and we can only speculate but I find one possible glaring irony in his thinking interesting…

    The recent real-world occurrences of this type of crime are in some remote communities in Africa and, more notably, in Iraq and Syria. There has been worldwide intensive media reporting of ISIS militants going into non- Sunni-Muslim enclaves in cities and villages and: invading a family home, holding everyone at gunpoint, raping and then killing women and girls in front of the men, rounding up the men and boys and then decapitating them. All because they won’t convert to Sunni-Islam and are therefore considered less than human.

    Assuming Robertson reads or watches the news on current worldwide events, it isn’t too much of a stretch to speculate that his analogised fantasy is drawn from the subconscious visualizations created by the media reports of ISIS crimes. He replaces ISIS militants with atheists for his middle-America example.

    I just love that a religious preacher, in trying to make an argument for religious morality, chooses to adapt his story from real-life events committed by religious people acting in the name of their God! Hilarious.

    In line with a comment about it being in our interest to treat others nicely to further our existence as a society, i agree. Humans, on a primitive level, exist to reproduce and further our existence. Acting badly towards others works to isolate people; acting nicely works to bring people together. Simple.

    It’s scary that so many people subscribe to these self-styled leaders and their mental health issues.

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