Flower-friendly farms ‘boost bee populations’

Mar 23, 2015

By Helen Briggs

Planting farmland with strips of flowers can boost the number of wild bumblebees, a study has confirmed.

Not only does it attract foraging bees, but it also encourages nesting, say researchers at University of Sussex.

In past decades, many bumblebee species have declined, due to a number of factors, including intensive farming.

The study, published in Molecular Ecology, suggest farms given funding to improve the environment can increase the size of wild bumblebee populations.

However, rarer species, which forage over shorter distances, may need special attention, as the method of management appeared to have no effect, said scientists.

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One comment on “Flower-friendly farms ‘boost bee populations’”

  • This is so obvious I can’t believe someone managed to do a paper on it.

    The other obvious thing you you need many species of flowers so you have continuous blooms.

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