Mass castrations: officers crack code of silence of followers of Indian guru Ram Rahim

Mar 4, 2015

Photo: AFP

By Jason Koutsoukis

Many Indians will tell you that a sage guru can add a measure of potency to an otherwise mundane existence.

Pity the 400 followers of the so-called “guru in bling”, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, who have followed their master’s advice and castrated themselves in an effort to meet God directly.

Officers from India’s elite Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) appear to have made a crucial breakthrough in a long-running investigation into the alleged mass castrations, last week gathering important testimony from victims and other witnesses as they prepare charges of grievous bodily harm against Ram Rahim.

With most of the victims apparently fearing for their lives if they speak out against Ram Rahim – he has 40 to 50 million followers around the world – investigators appear to have finally managed to crack the code of silence, with several witnesses now willing to testify in court.

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